The Young and the Restless Spoilers 2 – 6 août 2021 – .

The Young and the Restless Spoilers 2 – 6 août 2021 – .

In the latest version of Young and restless spoilers from Monday August 2 to Friday August 6, Victor plays Let’s make a deal, and Phyllis calls for reinforcements to help her expose Tara and Sally: both an old friend and the man she loves. Meanwhile, Mariah’s disappearance sends an ever-growing wave of fear to Genoa City, and Amanda considers revenge. Read on for all the juicy deets!

Young and restless spoilers for Friday July 30:

In Friday’s recap, Phyllis takes a big step forward to expose Sally and Tara, Rey learns that Sharon has spoken to Adam and that Tara is listening.

Sharon welcomes Rey, who you will recall was assigned to escort Chelsea to her mother’s home.

Chloe is now working with Adam at Newman Media, a situation we never really imagined would happen. Should the boss be worried that his new recruit will strategize with his ex, Chelsea? Well, from Classes He should! But given that we’re talking about Adam, something tells us that he might just be successful in staying one step ahead of women. Something other we never saw it coming – the sexual tension in the office. Are Adam and Chloe on a more unlikely sexual collision course than anything we’ve ever seen ?!

When Phyllis pursues a lead, will it have to do with Sally… Tara… or both? And could that finally give the upset mom what she needs to turn the tide and bring daughter Summer back to Genoa City? Or could his discovery spark Kyle’s upcoming release from Michael Mealor?

DVR alert! Hallmark’s premiere Mystery 101: Deadly Story sends Amy and Travis to New York to investigate a missing persons case – one that touches far too close to home.

Young and restless spoilers week of August 2:

In this week Y&R Restless Rant, the hot topics are Stitch’s lie, Chloe and Adam’s possible hate sex, and the big love scene fails for Ashland / Victoria and Devon / Amanda. Plus, fighting redheads bring sizzle to the snoozefest.

Young and restless spoilers for Monday August 2:

After pursuing a lead, now is the time for Phyllis to plan her next move. Best of the best, “Red” managed to push Tara and Sally’s buttons when she trapped them in an argument she filmed, and we expect an equally dramatic outcome from her latest shot.

She tried! Young and restless’ Michelle Stafford reveals home hair color fails with endearing photo: “I know, I know …”

She’s already lost a second chance at romance with Jack, and once again, Sally must cover her tracks with Elder Abbott. Since he no longer trusts her, will she be able to shoot him?

We can’t even imagine these two with anyone else at this point – or Young and restless without this pairing! As their bittersweet journey continues, Victoria helps Ashland make a decision about her future. Fingers and toes crossed it will have to do with an experimental treatment that could cure her cancer.

Hunter King (Summer) finally breaks his silence: “They don’t know …”

Young and restless spoilers for Tuesday, August 3:

End of game revealed ?! Young and restless’ The swan song for Summer and Kyle may have been brought up in a recent conversation.

When Victor stops Adam from retaliating against Victoria, will young Newman give in and even call them out? After all, it wasn’t that long ago that Adam put the brakes on Daddy’s plan to go after Billy and Chancellor Communications.

Phyllis hooks up with an old friend, who we suspect may be able to help her in her quest to expose Tara and Sally. It could be Michael, but in this case it’s more likely to be his brother, Kevin, who’s an ace digging through phone records and the like.

Having managed to dodge Phyllis’ bullets so far, Tara finds herself under surveillance again when Jack and Kyle question her intentions. Will she manage to get out of yet another interrogation?

Young and restless spoilers for Wednesday August 4:

Well, it’s about time! Days, if not weeks, after her daughter fell out of sight when she was very pregnant, Sharon worries about Mariah’s disappearance. Will Mom be the one to unravel the mystery?

When Abby shares her fears with Devon, she may worry that Mariah has taken an errand with her baby on board. Will she be able to connect the dots and understand that Stitch might be involved?

These two juggle with work, kids, and romance, but the relationship doesn’t deteriorate, as evidenced by Lily’s ability to inspire Billy again. But what will she make him do – and will that put him in hot water as usual?

Young and restless spoilers for Thursday, August 5:

As Amanda contemplates revenge on Sutton, will Devon convince her to turn the other cheek? Or will she even confide in the man she loves her sinister thoughts?

When Summer offers an unexpected apology, we have to wonder if the cat is out of the bag about Sally and Tara’s plan to kick her out of Genoa City. Could she regret not being honest and asking for help dealing with the crooks before agreeing to Tara’s demands?

Young and restless spoilers for Friday August 6:

Victor surprises someone with a new business proposition, and we have to wonder if it will be Victoria. His recent decision to protect her from an attack from Adam may indicate he’s ready to mend the barriers with his stubborn daughter.

Juicy! Phyllis has clearly made Nick aware of her suspicions about Tara and Sally, as together they plan the ultimate dismantling of the ploy team. It’s time to add another chapter to the tumultuous love story of “Phick” (told here in photos).

When Kyle makes a bold move, will Tara’s house of cards eventually fall apart? If so, what revelations will be revealed? And what about Summer and Kyle’s doomed engagement? Could they actually get their “happily ever after” in Italy?

— Candace Young/Charlie Mason


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