The summer camp “Fyre Festival” closes its doors just six days after opening due to extremely difficult conditions! – .

The summer camp “Fyre Festival” closes its doors just six days after opening due to extremely difficult conditions! – .

What started out as a fun summer quickly turned into an absolute nightmare for the kids at this camp in Moultonborough, New Hampshire!

Camp Quinebarge, a very expensive two-week sleep program for children ages 6 to 16 that has been running for almost 85 years, abruptly closed six days after it opened earlier this month. According to Concorde Monitor, Executive director Eric Carlson informed parents on July 2 that the place was to close immediately due to a continued shortage of staff and issues with late deliveries from their food supplier. The camp chief reportedly wrote at the time:

“While there are many issues we can solve at the camp, it is not under our control. Many camps are threatened with closure today. This is obviously an untenable situation. A few minutes ago I was obliged to inform our staff that we will be closing for the summer, starting tomorrow.

However, disgruntled parents soon discovered that there was much more to the story. In addition to staff shortages and bad food, The Boston Globe reported several cases of children being attacked by other campers, children falling ill without their parents knowing about it, and staff members constantly yelling at each other. A counselor was even punched in the face by a child at one point! WTF!

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We seriously can’t make this shit up, and the stories only get worse from here !! An unidentified father claimed to have found a note in his 12-year-old son’s pocket just days after the camp’s unexpected end, which heavily hinted at the terrible conditions. He would have read:

“We have been in tears, bored and devastated all day. [The camp director] lies to all of you. You must trust us. You have to. We are not joking and we are not having fun. So much is wrong with this place.

It was so bad that Quinebarge was considered “the equivalent of the summer camp of Fire festival. Like the disaster music festival that falsely promised luxury accommodation in the Bahamas, Quinebarge attendees certainly did not receive what was detailed in the brochures. A named employee Caliban Chesterfield, who worked in food preparation, told the publication that at one point someone was served a raw meatball and children were often given dirty dishes during meals.

Talk about disgusting !!!

Although advertised as an ‘LGBT-friendly summer camp’, several trans counselors felt uncomfortable at times – especially after a few kids left the place because their parents didn’t like it. idea that they reside with a trans staff member.

Several camp counselors were also reportedly hired a few days before the start of the camp and lacked basic training. MJ Lowry explained his minimal preparation before the start of summer at the point of sale:

“I was hired about 4 days before the campers arrived. They just sort of said, “Hey, you’ve been referred, we’ll send you the application. You seem qualified, do you want the job? I played kickball and got to see the turtle and the frog in the pond and learn about the tadpoles. It was stuff like that.

While Carlson confirmed that some advisers started late due to hiring difficulties, he also asserted that “at no point has been cut back on staff audits or our mandatory training.”

So you say …

According to The Boston GlobeQuinebarge will remain closed for the remainder of the 2021 season but plans to reopen in 2022. After this mess, we doubt anyone will want to send their kids out for “summer fun”.

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