The ruling party has split amid accusations of “destabilization” and “economic sabotage” – .

The ruling party has split amid accusations of “destabilization” and “economic sabotage” – .

Guateng and KwaZulu Natal, the main affected provinces, were largely calm on Thursday, although isolated pockets of looting were reported around Durban.

But the mood in many places was austere, with locals expressing fears of food and fuel shortages and not being convinced the violence has ended for good. In Durban itself, tankers accompanied by armed escorts were seen distributing fuel throughout the city.

The unrest also exposed already tense divisions within the ANC and led to calls for President Ramaphosa to take decisive action against former President Zuma and his allies, even if this risks dividing the party. .

Violence in KwaZulu Natal, Mr. Zuma’s home province and most important base of support, began shortly after he was jailed for contempt of court. ANC members loyal to Mr Ramaphosa accused the former president’s allies of seeking to use the violence to get him out of prison.

A senior ANC official in KwaZulu Natal, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said Zuma, who was forced to resign due to allegations of massive corruption in 2018, should have been kicked out of the party. a long time ago “.

“Why was Zuma allowed to continue? Why did the ANC not expel him? The truth is, they were afraid of Jacob Zuma, ”he said.


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