The Rock denies reports of a WWE return – .

The Rock denies reports of a WWE return – .

Last week, reports surfaced that Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson would return to WWE in November at Survivor Series, intending to start a program with WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns. The Rock has since thrown water on this fire. Asked by Entertainment Tonight if there was anything he could tease for a potential WWE return, Rock was brief and non-binding, instead joking about teaming up with his Jungle cruise co-star Emily Blunt as a team.

“There’s nothing,” Johnson said of a comeback.

Rumors of a collaboration between Rock and Reigns go back years, whether as opponents or even as team partners. A recent report suggested the two would face off in a tag team match at WrestleMania 38 in Dallas, with Reigns teaming up with either Jimmy or Jey Uso while Rock teamed up with the other. The match, which could also be a back-up plan if Rock can’t work in singles, was given as a reason Jimmy Uso was not punished for his recent arrest for drunk driving.

Although Rock’s denial calls into question his involvement in the Survivor series, the Hollywood star remains loyal to WWE. With John Cena recently returned, Rock congratulated WWE on returning to concerts in front of fans eleven days ago and made some noise for the upcoming WWE Tour. For now, his focus is still on movies, because Jungle cruise hits theaters this weekend.


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