The owner describes living conditions “unbearable” next to the renovated Aldi – .

The owner describes living conditions “unbearable” next to the renovated Aldi – .

A devastated owner said building an Aldi store next to her was “unbearable”.
Fiona Colquhoun was furious when she found out that the economy supermarket had been allowed to expand an outlet near her home.

The 52-year-old, who lives just ten meters from the store with her husband Tom, 54, said the job has been stressful for them since it started.

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The couple would not have been able to sit in their garden due to the noise and, to make matters worse, construction dust and dirt would be blown onto their property.

Additionally, Fiona is now concerned that several corrugated sheets that have been put in place at the back of the store will decrease the value of their home.

Although she lived there for 24 years, she said she had “seriously considered” moving, but feared she might not be able to sell the final property, reports TeesideLive.

The retail employee said, “Looks like we live next to a shipping container, it’s like an industrial area.

“It’s corrugated steel at the back of the store right next to my house.

Construction work in Aldi, nest at Fiona’s house

“I’m sure it hit the value of my house, it’s an absolute joke. I didn’t have it re-evaluated, but if you saw it you’d say it’s horrible to look next to.

“I’m not getting any younger, I would like to move to a bungalow. I’m not going to sell this place! They will take a look at the building and say ‘no’.

“They increased the size of it and reversed it. As soon as you step into our domain you can see it, it’s huge. The previous one wasn’t that bad, it wasn’t that big. “

Fiona said he started tearing down the previous store and building on the site earlier this year.

She said she opposed the building permit but the store was given the nod from Stockton Council.

Fiona said they had to put up with the noise from machinery on the job site, as well as swearing from workers.

She said she was also woken up by employees starting work at a quarter past seven, although they were not allowed to do so until 8 a.m.

Fiona said: “We can only spend about 20 minutes in the garden, it’s so noisy.

“When it was confinement, we couldn’t escape it by going out into the garden, we had to stay in the front room.

“I take care of my granddaughter every Thursday. My granddaughter is two years old and is learning to speak.

“I’m afraid one of the words is the F word or the B word or the C word.

“I can’t keep my caged granddaughter in the house like a little animal.

“We have complained about the charges and no one is doing anything.

“We had an absolute nightmare and I found it really, really unbearable.

“But they don’t care – because it’s just a house, they do whatever they want. It’s ridiculous. “

Fiona said the dust from the construction site was leaving her windows and the exterior of her property dirty.

Fiona described the noise and dirt as “unbearable”

She said Aldi has put up a fence between her house and the site but is worried it might collapse in the winter, due to the poor quality.

Fiona said: “When they demolished the store, all the debris came.

“I had to go out and clean my car, it was covered in dust. I have to clean my patio, it’s dirty.

“They put a fence between us and them. This fence is really cheap, shoddy, eight foot four inches tall and you can see through. We thought they would have put an acoustic fence.

“I don’t understand why no one is looking after us. No one seems to support us or anything. They are walking on us.

“It’s a nightmare and I have a hard time living with it, but the board doesn’t care and Aldi doesn’t care.

“Nobody cares and I don’t know who to turn to. “

A spokesperson for Aldi said, “We are always looking to work with local communities to mitigate the impact of any construction work we do.

“As a close neighbor, we have been in contact with Ms. Colquhoun throughout the construction and are sorry to hear that her experience has not been satisfactory.

“We will continue to discuss all of Ms. Colquhoun’s concerns directly as we approach on-site completion next month and our store opens in September. “

Councilor Nigel Cooke, Cabinet Member for Regeneration and Housing at Stockton Council, said: “We are currently investigating this matter and have been in contact with Fiona Colquhoun to discuss her concerns.

“We have raised them with the developer and will report any further findings once the investigation is complete. “

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