The NHS Covid app “pinges” over half a million in a week – .

The NHS Covid app “pinges” over half a million in a week – .

TThe public must “exercise caution” on Freedom Day, a Cabinet minister said, amid confusion over the rules companies will implement when Covid lockdown restrictions are lifted on Monday.
Housing Secretary Robert Jenrick said it would be up to businesses to decide whether they want customers to continue taking precautions such as wearing face masks.

Mr Jenrick told Sky News that England is “entering a different phase” in dealing with the pandemic and that the government “trusts businesses … to make sound and reasonable decisions”.

He said: “We ask every member of the public to be careful, to make reasonable judgments about, for example, wearing face masks in close contact in indoor spaces and for businesses to consider whether they should apply these. restrictions. “

Companies such as Transport for London and Heathrow Airport have already decided to continue enforcing the mandatory wearing of masks, and Mr Jenrick called this a “perfectly sensible judgment”, but not one that will be required for all. companies.

Mr Jenrick added that we ‘still live a lot with the virus’ and will live with it ‘for a long time’.


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