The mystery as postcard to mom of her son at American college finally arrives after 32 – .

The mystery as postcard to mom of her son at American college finally arrives after 32 – .

A postcard sent 32 years ago has finally been delivered.
Andrew Leslie’s message was mailed to Grimsby’s family home on August 30, 1989, while he was studying at the University of Michigan.

He describes his first impressions of the United States and how he became familiar with his course and addresses John’s father, then 25 years old.

But more than three decades later, it was released through her mother’s door on Tuesday, GrimsbyLive reports.

Fortunately, Anne Leslie has not moved but Andrew now lives in Nottingham.

The postcard was sent by Andrew Leslie and describes his study in Michigan



The card was addressed to John as Anne was traveling to Canada at the time to see her brother, with the intention of meeting Andrew at a later date.

She says she was “mystified” to pick it up from the mat and wonders why it took so long to happen.

She contacted Royal Mail, who said it was ‘hard to speculate’ as to why the postcard had just arrived.

Adding: ‘Royal Mail regularly checks all of its delivery offices and cleans its processing machines on a daily basis. Once an item is in the postal system, it will be delivered to the address indicated on the letter ”.

He also indicated that the postcard could have been resent in the mail system recently.

Anne said: “It was lunchtime and I went to get the mail and saw this postcard between two catalogs.

“I saw my son’s name and ‘love Andrew’ on it and thought, ‘how strange’. “

“There’s no doubt about the date (on the stamp), so where is she hiding?” “

Andrew’s postcard, which has an aerial photo on the front, describes his arrival in the US and the “endless” flight he had to endure from the UK and meeting his new classmates.

He also praised America’s “leafy and green” environment and wrote that he feared he could not resist embracing the Americanisms used by his classmates.

His post describes his first impression of his study trip to the United States.

Andrew, who lives in Nottingham, said he was “surprised” the postcard finally arrived at his parents’ house after such a long time.

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He said: “It was addressed to my father because my mother would leave him at home while she came to Canada to visit her brother and meet me. “

The coincidence couldn’t be more striking, as Andrew said he once found a postcard at a second-hand bookstore in Lincoln in the 1980s and published it – hoping it would find its owners.

Andrew said: “It was stamped and addressed and written but it had not been sent, but it had a date on it and the date was quite long, 10 to 15 years ago.

“So I discreetly slipped the postcard into my pocket and put it in a letterbox. “

A few days later, he found out that the card had been issued when he found out about it in the local newspaper.


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