The “most dangerous” point in US-China relations is Taiwan – fears of nuclear war | World

The “most dangerous” point in US-China relations is Taiwan – fears of nuclear war | World

Bilahari Kausikan, a former Singaporean diplomat, said he did not expect the disagreement over Taiwan to end in conflict. “During the US-Soviet Cold War, which lasted 40 years, nuclear deterrence kept the peace at least between the two main ones. I think it will keep the peace between the United States and China again, “Kausikan told CNBC, calling Taiwan the” most dangerous “tension in their relationship.

Both nations have a nuclear arsenal. In a report to Congress, Pentagon statistics suggest China may be relatively small – around 200. The United States has about 3,800 nuclear warheads.
Reuters reported that China has started construction of more than 100 new missile silos and that the Pentagon expects its warhead stock to at least double.

The fact that both nations have nuclear weapons may prevent the other from attacking for fear of nuclear retaliation.

Taiwan is a democratically ruled nation, however, China has claimed sovereignty over the island and has indicated its intention to merge it with the mainland. Some fear that this will not be done peacefully.

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It also follows the revelation that the US and Japanese armed forces are preparing for a potential conflict with China over Taiwan.
The two allies have conducted joint military exercises and war games around the uninhabited islands of Senkaku, located 330 km (205 miles) from China and controlled by Japan.

Serious preparations for a conflict with China have started in the last year of Donald Trump’s administration.

Yasuhide Nakayama, Japanese Deputy Defense Minister, spoke to the Hudson Institute’s think tank on the threat China poses to Taiwan.

He believes that it is necessary to “wake up” from the Chinese pressure on the country and that Japan must “protect Taiwan as a democratic country”.

“We are not friends of Taiwan, we are brothers,” he said.

China has been considering uniting Taiwan with the mainland for many years, and former Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd is worried about the global implications of this integration.

“I think we will then enter a period in which China will consider its options to bring Taiwan back into some form of political union with China by the end of the 2020s and into the 2030s,” Rudd told CNBC.

“And that’s when I think it gets dangerous for all of us. “

The United States and Taiwan are currently working on a trade deal, a likely source of further frustration in Beijing.


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