The “most complicated machine” of the technological cold war beyond China’s reach – .

The “most complicated machine” of the technological cold war beyond China’s reach – .

The new system also required redesigned components called photomasks, which act like stencils in projecting circuit designs, as well as new chemicals deposited on wafers that generate these images when exposed to light. Japanese companies now supply most of these products.

Since ASML introduced its EUV business model in 2017, customers have purchased around 100. Buyers include Samsung and TSMC, the largest service producing chips designed by other companies. TSMC uses the tool to manufacture processors designed by Apple for its latest iPhones. Intel and IBM have said the UVU is crucial to their plans.

“It is certainly the most complicated machine humans have built,” said Darío Gil, senior vice president of IBM.

The Dutch restrictions on the export of these machines to China, which have been in place since 2019, have not had much financial impact on ASML as it has a backlog of orders from other countries. But about 15% of the company’s sales come from the sale of older systems in China.

In a final report to Congress and Mr Biden in March, the National Security Commission on Artificial Intelligence proposed extending export controls to other advanced ASMLs. machines too. The congress-funded group seeks to limit advances in artificial intelligence with military applications.

Mr Hunt and other political experts argued that since China was already using these machines, blocking additional sales would hurt ASML without much strategic advantage. The company too.

“I hope common sense will prevail,” said van den Brink.


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