The interior of the Inos Grenadier unveiled with an emphasis on luxury and utility – .

The interior of the Inos Grenadier unveiled with an emphasis on luxury and utility – .

Official photos of the interior of the Ineos Grenadier, Sir Jim Ratcliffe’s new rugged, body-on-chassis 4 × 4 have finally been released – showing a remarkably innovative design, clearly crafted for ruggedness and timelessness, but guided at all times by the highest levels of logical practice.

Grenadier has a true garden hose cabin, made from ultra-durable, stain resistant materials, and it even features drainage holes in the ground to emphasize its ability to withstand the toughest conditions. However, designer Toby Ecuyer says a key mission has been to show that extreme durability doesn’t need to be penalized in terms of comfort and refinement.

The Grenadier’s fascia is dominated by a flat, high-quality, center-mounted switch and panel of switch dials and dials, its design clearly influenced by the configuration of planes and ships. There is an awesome matching panel in the roof.

The switches are a combination of push and toggle designs, both extremely durable and spaced enough apart to allow use with gloved hands. They’re more clearly labeled than in other cars, and the roof panel includes customizable, pre-wired auxiliary switches so an owner can easily put them into action.

Ecuyer and the Ineos team also went out of their way to show that rugged vehicles have no shortage of capability: the Grenadier has a central 12.3-inch touchscreen to manage infotainment functions (supported by a rotary iDrive style mounted between the seats). Despite everything, they seized every opportunity to simplify the car: for the sake of reliability, Grenadier contains about two thirds less microprocessors than the competing 4 × 4.

Navigation, for example, is handled by functions on Apple or Android smartphones so that the software is always up to date, although there is a built-in orientation function that allows expedition drivers to find their way back to their point of departure. departure.

Toby Ecyuer’s mantra is, like the vehicle, simple and straightforward. “We want Grenadier to have everything you need and nothing else. It works.


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