The Grand Designs house that saw a torn family go up for sale – .

The Grand Designs house that saw a torn family go up for sale – .

A lighthouse-inspired home that cost the owner her marriage and appeared in Grand Designs’ “Saddest Ever” episode has been released.
Edward Short, 52, put Chesil Cliff House up for sale for £ 10million after spending a decade on the project.

The house was featured on Channel 4’s Grand Designs and was described as “the saddest episode ever” by many who watched it after it aired in October 2019.

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The episode followed Edward and his family as they clashed with blow after blow, leaving Croyde’s, Devon home unfinished and with the family buried in millions of pounds in debt.

The show also revealed that the process put a strain on Edward’s personal life, resulting in his separation from his wife Hazel.

The unfinished lighthouse-inspired luxury home that featured on Grand Designs, Croyde, Devon.

Despite all the problems, Edward was adamant he would finish.

But his dream of an idyllic existence in the stunning new clifftop house in one of Devon’s most scenic coastal locations was dashed and he admitted earlier this year that he would be forced to sell it. .

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Real estate consultancy Knight Frank has announced the launch of the sale of the main house and its annex known as The Eye.

He said the house is due for completion in late 2021 and will be launched on the open market with a guide price of £ 10million by the end of this year.

Edward said now is the time to move on, he said, “I will always be proud to have completed this. I owe it to my family to have a real end result, but now is the time to move on.

“I will have accomplished what I planned to do, without ever deviating from the plans, and for that I will always be proud. “

The house sits on a three acre site between surfers’ paradise Saunton Sands, backed by the impressive UNESCO Braunton Burrows Biosphere Reserve, and idyllic Croyde Cove.

The unfinished lighthouse-inspired luxury home that featured on Grand Designs, Croyde, Devon has gone up for sale

The house has been anchored in the rocky base of the cliff, painstakingly designed to a level which leaves no possibility of risk of erosion.

Agents described the house as one of the most impressive homes on the waterfront and said they expected “worldwide interest” in the sale.

It will include five bedrooms and bathrooms, four reception rooms, a sauna and a cellar. The property will also include the annex three bedroom studio known as The Eye and a double garage.

Although Chesil Cliff House will not launch on the open market until later this year, interested parties can now express their interest through Knight Frank.

The father of two, Edward, said he had no choice but to sell it to cover the large sum of money he had to borrow and said the total costs were to reach $ 6 million. of pounds sterling.

Edward Short, the owner of a half-finished luxury home inspired by a lighthouse that featured on Grand Designs

He said: “The last ten years have been a marathon chore and I have grown used to being a millionaire in debt.

“I accepted that the only way forward is to finish it and sell it.

Edward has already apologized to the locals who he said were fed up with seeing the unfinished gray horror on this point, but he also asked them to “stick with it”.

He had told them, “I know this is a mess, and I have to fix this – but when it’s over, it will be amazing.”

“Judge him when it’s over.

“I had no idea it would end up costing so much, but I have now accepted that I will never be able to live there because I have money that I have to pay back.

“It was my overconfidence and arrogance that got me here in the first place, so I’m doing what I need to do.

“Even though I’m going to sell it, I still find it exciting to see this concrete skeleton finally come together in a magnificent building. “

Christopher Bailey, Waterfront Manager at Knight Frank, said they expected significant interest in the house.

He said: “It’s iconic in the truest sense of the word and there is nothing else to compare on the market right now.

“It certainly sits at the top of the national coastal waterfront market and I have no doubt that it will generate significant interest globally. “

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