The French human rights mediator warns against the risks of discrimination linked to the use of the health record – .

The French human rights mediator warns against the risks of discrimination linked to the use of the health record – .

<h2>Risques de discrimination</h2><p>Elle cite l'exemple de l'emploi et du risque de discrimination.  Le licenciement d'un employé qui n'a pas de carte de santé pourrait être une mesure disproportionnée, a-t-elle écrit.

According to Hédon, the health pass in transport and, in some places, access to goods and services also has limitations on freedom of movement.

She agrees with the Council of State, the highest court in the country, which has expressed concerns about the application of the sanitary pass for entering shopping malls as this could limit access to essential products. , especially the food.

Individuals Police

In an interview with France Info on July 20, Hédon explains that “individuals will be responsible for monitoring the state of health of individuals, and therefore their identity.

The end result is the control of one part of the population by another when in fact this control should be the responsibility of the public authorities.

The health pass would, for example, give restaurant owners, cinemas and museum employees “police power” over a part of the population, in particular that which has not been vaccinated.

Digital data processing

Hédon explains that there is a risk of tipping towards a society of generalized social surveillance, and as it is, this bill would contribute to it.

Another point of concern is the extension of isolation measures.

“It is feared that these provisions, combined with the possibility of charging for tests, have the effect of discouraging people from being tested and of slowing down the policy of mass screening, thus promoting the circulation of the virus,” writes Hédon. .

She also regrets that the legislative text is subject to an accelerated procedure, which limits democratic debate, even though the bill would have a real effect on the rights and freedoms of individuals.

“I recognize the importance of vaccination and indeed we must react quickly, but this should not limit the time for democratic debate,” she told FranceInfo.

“It is also essential that the general population accepts it and that it prevents one group of people from turning against another.

The bill on the extension of the health package is to be debated in the National Assembly on Wednesday and Thursday, then in the Senate on Friday.

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