The diagnostic company of Indian origin GeneStore awarded as the best investment in France – .

The diagnostic company of Indian origin GeneStore awarded as the best investment in France – .

The recognition increases the reach of Indo-French business relationships, in which the Indian-born diagnostic company, GeneStore, has been instrumental in correcting the market in terms of affordability of manufacturing and testing COVID-kits. 19 RT-PCR for Indians and Indians. French markets by initiating a joint technological development and local manufacturing program in the two countries.

GeneStore, which now leaves from Provence, France, began its global expansion from Inde, and had a significant health impact in terms of controlling the COVID-19 pandemic Pan Europe and Asia, at a time when the world’s major diagnostic conglomerates are jointly developing strategies to effectively combat and control COVID-19.

GeneStore has been very successful in establishing its strategy of improving the population’s access to high-tech RT-PCR-based diagnostic solutions for COVID-19 by enabling a business model that offers an affordable price by manufacturing savings. of scale thanks to the fusion of its research and manufacturing talents and infrastructures based on France And PInde.

“The local and end-to-end integration of GeneStore manufacturing has realigned traditional supply chains away from East Asia while maintaining market competitiveness, ”notes the company’s global CEO Anubhav Anusha.

“This recognition heralds a new era of growth in India’s biotechnology sector, where Indian mid-sized companies are expanding globally and improving their access to technology and manufacturing know-how,” Anubhav added. Anusha. In addition, GeneStore shows how the main USPs of European and Indian business and technological mindsets synergize to build a global vision of high quality and affordability in healthcare diagnostics.

GeneStore, now invests in 10 million euros (EUR 80 crores) over the next 18 months through improved research and manufacturing capabilities in France, Inde, Latin America, and Africa work towards the management and eradication of infectious diseases worldwide. In addition, GeneStore is also investing in a biotechnology and health technology incubator in Inde provide Indian researchers with the necessary framework to develop sound business models and access the global market.

“I am particularly grateful for the support I received from Business France and Provence Promotion to allow GeneStore to land smoothly in its integration into the French economy”, concludes Anusha.

About GeneStore

GeneStore, headquartered at France, is a biotechnology and genomics diagnostics company. Founded in 2011, GeneStore has grown into a global network of in vitro diagnostic and clinical trial manufacturing facilities across L’Europe , Asia and South America. GeneStore is committed to fighting infectious diseases globally by improving people’s access to benchmark diagnostic test solutions through innovation and affordability. GeneStore through its mobile laboratories and its molecular diagnostic solutions with visual detection / without RT-PCR bridge the gap between clinical trial laboratories and patients.

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