The British denounced Macron’s request for compulsory vaccination “Your body, your choice!” “| United Kingdom

The British denounced Macron’s request for compulsory vaccination “Your body, your choice!” “| United Kingdom

French President Emmanuel Macron announced that Covid vaccines would be mandatory from September for health workers, people using public transport or wishing to go to restaurants, pubs and clubs across the country. We asked readers if Boris should take the same stance. In a poll of 2,929 readers between 2:34 p.m. on July 13 and 12:39 p.m. on July 14, a majority of 63% of participants said Boris should not implement mandatory vaccination, while 38% said he should, and 1% said they were unsure whether or not it should.

Some readers said they felt the vaccination enforcement violated their human rights, while others said Boris did not need to make vaccination mandatory because the overwhelming majority of UK citizens took it of their own accord.
One commented, “It is a fundamental human right to choose what you put in your body – your body, your choice.

“No government, employer or individual in the world can take this fundamental human being away from you.

“Forcing or coercing an individual to take drugs and experiment on humans is highly illegal. “

Another reader thought compulsory vaccination would be ‘totally unnecessary’, he said: ‘More than 46 million of Britain’s 56 million adults have already voluntarily done what needed to be done and these numbers are increasing by hundreds of thousands. every day.
“We have a different attitude vis-à-vis the personal and social responsibilities of the French.

“Makes you proud to be British. “

With the Delta variant sweeping the country, Mr Macron took a more authoritarian approach to vaccination, as less than 40% of the French population received both vaccines and only about half received their first vaccine.

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This contrasts with the much higher adoption of the vaccine by the British, as just under 70 percent of people received their first vaccine and over 51 percent also received their second dose.

YouGov conducted a study in January 2021 that asked participants from 24 countries whether vaccination against Covid should be mandatory, they found that 40% of Britons said they should, compared to only 19% of French.

The study found that people in Thailand and the UK were the most likely to say they would take the coronavirus vaccine, with 80% of UK participants saying they would take the vaccine against just 39% of participants French.

Of the 24 countries examined by Yougov, France has the highest percentage of “anti-tax” attitudes. However, the most dominant reason given by the French for rejecting the Covid vaccine is to wait and see if it is safe.


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