Thank you day in Wapping after the year of Covid – .

Thank you day in Wapping after the year of Covid – .

People are coming together for the first time after a year of restrictions with a community picnic and riverside walk in Wapping as part of the country’s first thank-you day after the lockdown.

The event, on Sunday July 4, aims to encourage everyone to reunite after months without seeing each other.

Those who have been isolated during the pandemic are urged to join the community as part of a nationwide Coalition Together campaign founded by Brendan Cox – the husband of assassinated MP Jo Cox of Wapping – to help build “a more connected society. “.

It is organized by the Wapping Bangladesh association and starts with a community clean-up and a walk from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m., followed by a barbecue and activities for children from 1 p.m. to 6 p.m.

“We invited those who may be difficult to reach but still want to be part of society,” said organizer Atikur Rahman. “We look forward to seeing people become sociable again and get to know each other during a difficult time. ”

Sunday’s meeting is part of a thanksgiving campaign launched as a grassroots movement that has grown from just 13 people to a national event.

Brendan Cox, founder of the Get Together network
– Credit: Mike Brooke

It was founded by Brendan to bring the nation together on the fifth anniversary of Jo’s murder by a right-wing extremist on June 16, 2016, in his Yorkshire constituency.

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The couple were living with their two young children at the time in their barge on the Thames at the anchorage of Wapping Hermitage.

Jo Cox next to his barge moored in Wapping
– Credit: Brendan Cox

Jo’s sister Kim Leadbeater took over when she won her former constituency of Batley and Spen for the Labor Party in a by-election on Thursday.

Brendan’s national unity campaign is supported by hundreds of organizations, including Virgin Media O2, which funds Sunday’s community event in Wapping.

The media giant has set aside £ 500,000 for the campaign with £ 1,000 grants for environmental and community projects across the country to bring people together for a ‘more connected society’.

The new network works with celebrities such as Simon Cowell, Gary Lineker and even Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

Some 16 million people are expected to participate in the UK’s first-ever National Day of Thanksgiving at 500 events across Britain.

Jo Cox's houseboat adorned with floral tributes after his death

Jo Cox’s houseboat adorned with floral tributes after his death
– Credit: Mike Brooke


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