Tesla’s full self-drive feature confuses the moon with yellow light – .

Tesla’s full self-drive feature confuses the moon with yellow light – .

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We all know werewolves and ocean tides are both hit by the moon, but we can add one more item to the list: Tesla’s full self-drive feature, which is the assist feature. the company’s NHTSA Level 2 conduct.

A Tesla user recently posted a video clip to Twitter that showed his vehicle constantly mistaking the low moon for a traffic light. You can watch below:

In this clip, the moon appears to be particularly yellow and low in the sky, which is probably contributing to this problem. It’s not a regular problem, but it’s certainly a big enough problem that drivers want addressed.

This issue arises after Tesla announced that any Tesla user can subscribe to Autopilot’s FSD feature for $ 99 to $ 199 per month rather than paying the full $ 10,000 at the time of vehicle purchase.

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Tesla’s autopilot system has faced its fair share of challenges since its introduction. He confused the lane markings and had difficulty recognizing a fire truck parked in a lane, for example. Having said that, these questions are very much in the realm of understanding a new technology. Engineers can anticipate many problems, but they cannot anticipate all of them. As a result, most of these oddities have been sorted out.

And, to be fair to Tesla, it’s not the only manufacturer that has struggled to respond correctly to traffic lights. Some intersections can be particularly complex or have unique light patterns related to that specific intersection. I’ve seen my fair share of savages drive through Boston and Philadelphia. Some intersections have lights for a specific lane. Some feature preliminary fires before you actually get close to the main light. Other lights are just positioned at weird angles, or the light is just great, like when we twinkle or darken than usual.

A complex array of real-world concerns come into play here, but we’ll likely see Tesla fix the moon situation soon.


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