Teenagers’ ‘behavior’ and ‘misuse’ of equipment are responsible for the Carrickfergus merry-go-round malfunction – .

Teenagers’ ‘behavior’ and ‘misuse’ of equipment are responsible for the Carrickfergus merry-go-round malfunction – .

An incident on a Carrickfergus ride that injured six people, including three children, was caused by teenagers who abused the equipment, according to the attraction’s organizers.

it climbs to the Planet Fun attraction at Carrickfergus Castle swung past its perimeter and struck a number of panels belonging to the structure.

Six people were injured and taken to hospital, including three children.

A number of people were also treated for injuries at the scene. It is not believed that anyone is in critical condition as a result of the incident.

The ride that malfunctioned at the Planet Fun attraction is called “Star Flyer”. It spins its occupants in circles, rising up to 40 feet in the air.

Planet Fun confirmed on Sunday that the park was cleared to reopen after an investigation by the Health and Safety Executive and blamed the incident on “misuse” of the equipment by “several teenagers.”

There is currently no suggestion that those injured in the incident were responsible for tampering with any equipment.

‼ ️ ANNOUNCEMENT‼ ️‼ ️ ALL PLANET FUN SESSIONS WILL RUN NORMALLY Following a preliminary investigation conducted by the…

Posted by Planet Fun on Saturday July 24, 2021

“Following a preliminary investigation by the health and safety officer, planet fun has been authorized to reopen and the equipment has been confirmed to be free of mechanical faults,” Planet Fun said in a statement.

“We will however keep the Star Flyer closed pending further security checks and investigation.

“Tonight’s incident was caused by misuse of equipment by the behavior of several teens on the ride and should be further investigated by PSNI.

“The swift actions of our staff to end the trip helped prevent further injuries.

“At this time, we cannot comment further on the incident, but we send our thoughts and best wishes to those injured. “

PSNI and the Health and Safety Executive have been contacted for a response to Planet Fun’s statement.

The Northern Ireland Ambulance Service (NIAS) said it received a 999 call on Saturday at 5:53 p.m., reporting that a route had collapsed.

Four emergency teams, a rapid response ambulance driver and an ambulance driver were all dispatched to the scene.

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Emergency services at the scene of an amusement ride incident in Carrickfergus

A NIAS spokesperson said: ‘After the assessment and initial treatment at the scene, two patients were taken to the Royal Belfast Hospital for Sick Children, two to the Royal Victoria Hospital, one adult to the Antrim region hospital and one child at Antrim region hospital – none with fatal injuries.

“A number of patients have been released from the hospital. It is not expected that others will require hospitalization. “

A number of Northern Ireland Fire and Rescue Service (NIFRS) aircraft and specialist search units were also present, along with the PSNI and Air Ambulance NI.

Planet Fun, which has a municipal license to operate the fun fair, said that “at no stage has the merry-go-round collapsed.”

“We immediately sought help from the NI ambulance service,” Planet Fun continued.

“We have also reported the incident to the Health and Safety Executive and will cooperate fully with the agency to understand exactly what happened.

“Health and safety are at the heart of all Planet Fun operations and will provide all the necessary assistance to affected customers. “

A number of stunned parents have taken to social media to express their shock and anger at what happened after their children were injured on the ride.

Emma Roberts said: “I was on the ride with all of my kids, one very seriously injured, one has an injured ankle and one is in bad shock. Absolutely terrifying will never return.

Her classmate, Zara McGeown, added: “My husband, daughter and other family members were on the ride, it was terrifying. “

Eyewitness Alison Johnston said: “One of the swings broke and caused all the swings to collide against each other, throwing people into the panels and the other swings,” with fellow participant Julie Allen adding, “Truly the scariest thing I have ever seen in LIFE.” “

DUP adviser John McDermott, who was present at the scene, told the Belfast Telegraph that children were thrown from the merry-go-round onto the ground and onto the grass.

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Firefighters at the Planet Fun merry-go-round in Carrickfergus

He said the ride had reached about 15 feet in the air before the incident occurred.

“Everyone is stunned,” McDermott continued. “There are people walking around here in total shock.

“Looks like everyone’s together. There’s a crowd of kids here and they’ve called their mothers and fathers and they’re on their way to pick them up.

Geoff Somerville of NIFRS said about 200 people attended the Carrickfergus Castle attraction and around 10 people were “probably” injured by the ride.

“Two people were taken to hospital by ambulance, two were taken to hospital by relatives and eight people have superficial injuries and are being treated on site,” said Mr. Somerville.

“They have neck pain, back pain, leg pain and cuts.

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Emergency services at the scene of the funfair accident

“We are always present. Three devices are there as well as our specialized rescue team, emergency assistance service.

“The health and safety manager has been informed. “

Secretary of State Brandon Lewis said his thoughts were with all who were injured in the incident and thanked the emergency services who were present.

Health Minister Robin Swann wished all injured a speedy recovery.

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