Teenager stabbed cheerleader 114 times and bragged about wanting to kill – .

Teenager stabbed cheerleader 114 times and bragged about wanting to kill – .

Aiden Fucci (right) has been charged with first degree murder after allegedly stabbing 13-year-old Florida cheerleader Tristyn Bailey (left) (Photos: Facebook / St Johns County Sheriff’s Office)

A teenager allegedly stabbed a 13-year-old cheerleader 114 times, then bragged about wanting to drag someone into the woods to kill him. Aiden Fucci, 14, was arrested and charged with first degree murder after the body of Florida cheerleader Tristyn Bailey was found near her home on Mother’s Day.

When Bailey’s corpse was discovered, Fucci reportedly said, “How is that my problem? According to documents prosecutors released in the case on Wednesday.

The documents included a report by a medical examiner that Bailey suffered 35 stab wounds to the head and neck. She had 49 defensive stab wounds to the arms. The autopsy revealed no evidence of sexual assault.

Bailey had written “karma” on his left ankle and a smiley face drawn on his other ankle, according to the report. We didn’t know who wrote them.

Fucci’s friend and classmate at Patriot Oaks Academy, which Bailey also attended, told cops that Fucci often talks about killing people, according to a report from the St Johns County Sheriff’s Office.

Less than a month after Bailey’s murder, Fucci said he wanted to murder a random person by dragging them into the woods and stabbing them, the friend reportedly said. She added that Fucci would “pull out his knife and pretend to stab her with it” and “draw a graphic depicting mutilated bodies.”

Fucci often heard voices when he was angry asking him to kill people, the friend told detectives, according to the report.

Investigators found a notebook in Fucci’s house with “violent” drawings of women, including one with red X’s on her breasts and blood flowing from severed arms.

Fucci was first charged with second degree murder and held in a juvenile justice center a day after authorities discovered Bailey’s body. Prosecutors then reclassified the charge as first degree murder. Fucci will be judged as an adult.

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