Tan France reveals classic daddy style he really loves – .

Tan France reveals classic daddy style he really loves – .

It’s almost time to leave for “Queer Eye” star Tan France and her husband Rob, who are expecting their baby boy via a surrogate this summer. And the future dad is looking forward to fatherhood. In fact, being a dad has always been France’s goal.

“This is the thing I wanted the most in my life since I was very very young,” France told TODAY Parents, adding that the couple had discussed baby names on one of their very first dates. -you.

“I always had in mind a name that I wanted to call my child. Fortunately, Rob likes this name too. It’s an Abrahamic name, which means his biblical, Jewish, Muslim name, all of that. “

France told TODAY he came from a big family and always knew he wanted to have his own children, but work and life seemed to get in the way.

“We have known for several years that it just wasn’t a good time,” he said, adding that the couple also faced the financial burden of surrogacy before “Queer Eye” took off. .

The couple plan to look into France’s education in more than one way.

“My child will be raised in a very South Asian way, even though my husband is very Caucasian,” said France, 38. “I want him to eat our food as one of his first foods (and) I want to instill the discipline that we have in our culture. “

France, who was born Tanveer Wasim Safdar, was brought up by Pakistani Muslim parents, who emigrated from their home country to England. In an interview with PopBuzz in 2018, France said dating her family was difficult, but her role in “Queer Eye” helped them gain acceptance.

France attributes its parenting role models to its own parents and siblings.

“My siblings raised their children like our parents raised us and I love what they have become,” he said. “My greatest hope is that he will be kind and healthy. “

While the couple is waiting to welcome their newborn in “just a few weeks”, France is already preparing her daddy’s wardrobe.

“I’ll probably just wear jeans and a T-shirt,” France, who recently became a spokesperson for the “The Now Me” campaign, which raises awareness about eczema with her white T-shirt symbol. “He’s probably going to throw up or poop on it every five minutes.”

Don’t expect anything elaborate for Baby France either.

“I’m quite handy when it comes to how we’re going to raise this baby, and that affects how we’re going to dress him, which is very handy,” France explained.

As for classic daddy outfits, France said cargo shorts and socks with sandals are definitely out, but he has a soft spot for one style in particular.

“I love tubular socks,” France said. “I have been wearing tubular socks for years. And it’s not just for dads; every youngster is now wearing a tubular sock. “

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