Stephen Amell on CM Punk’s response to asking about AEW reports – .

Stephen Amell on CM Punk’s response to asking about AEW reports – .

With CM Punk becoming the topic of conversation in the wrestling world, it was only a matter of time before his Heels co-star Stephen Amell has been asked to step in. Appearing on Busted Open Radio to Promote Heels, Amell spoke about his work with Punk and how he enjoyed having the former World Champion on the set.

“It was a real blessing,” Amell said. “We originally had another actor, not a wrestler, a really good guy, for the role of Ricky Rabies. As far as programming goes, it ended up not working and all of a sudden it’s like, “We have CM Punk on this show?” Truly?’ I train a bit with him.

“Phil was so awesome, in and out of the ring, we ended up bringing him back for the final. Ricky Rabies and Jack Spade share moments of bonding, mostly with Phil in the bathroom, but it still matters.

Of course, Amell was ultimately asked about Punk’s potential return to the ring and reported negotiations with AEW. Amell is thrilled that Punk is coming back, wherever he is, although he thinks that Punk and Daniel Bryan going to AEW can only be good for wrestling as a whole.

“I don’t want to betray things that I talked about with Phil,” Amell said. “I actually texted her when it all broke, like ‘are you coming back?’ And he sent me back a picture of a shrugging cat. Listen, as a rule of thumb, anything in the world of pro wrestling that is going to piss off Vince McMahon and pour his competitive juice is probably good for business. Maybe awesome.

“The only thing I’m sure is Phil can still go, that’s for sure. He is in top form. I would love to see these guys appear in AEW, or WWE. Phil vs. Triple H, you name it. That will be great.

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