Staten Island High School Principal Returns Home After Coronavirus Battle – .

Staten Island High School Principal Returns Home After Coronavirus Battle – .

WEST BRIGHTON, Staten Island (WABC) – A Staten Island high school principal finally returned from hospital after a heart-wrenching struggle with COVID. Principal Michael Cosentino, barely 35, left hospital in a wheelchair and under oxygen.
He was encouraged by staff, parents and students, who gathered to surround him as he returned home. “Indescribable – words fail me, it just means to me that everyone has come to gather around me,” said Cosentino.

The principal of Saint Peter’s Boys High School entered hospital 40 days ago on June 12 and was transferred to the ICU within four days. He insists, but above all, he is grateful.

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“I’m grateful to God to be here, I’m grateful to the staff, it’s amazing – the nurses brought me back to life,” he said.

Cosentino couldn’t breathe on his own for weeks and was on a ventilator. Eyewitnesses asked if the director had been vaccinated.

“I don’t think so,” said Dr Keith Diaz. “Definitely one of the most seriously ill patients we’ve seen. “

A doctor was extremely clear. People need to be vaccinated – it is literally life saving.

“Of course, this is a reminder on the vaccination, this is the first thing to say,” said the chief of cardiology, Dr Francesco Rotatori. He stressed that his staff were attentive to every change and of every little detail to save Cosentino’s life.

“The combination of factors for this to happen – this discharge from the hospital – is just amazing,” Rotatori said.

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What’s next for Cosentino? Weeks of rest at home with his wife and four daughters, but first, the 9th birthday of his eldest daughter.

“Being fair to my wife and kids – to me that’s all I cared about – that’s all I thought about just coming home and it’s my daughter’s birthday tomorrow,” Cosentino said. .

So much to celebrate.


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