Staff should be spared Monday back to the office – .

Staff should be spared Monday back to the office – .

The TUC urged employers to ensure that staff returning to work do not overheat.

“Employers can help workers in hot weather by allowing flexible working, relaxing dress codes in the workplace and allowing staff to take frequent breaks,” he said.

Although there is no maximum temperature limit for workers, government guidelines urge employers to ensure it remains at a comfortable level and that clean, fresh air is provided. .

The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development said research has shown that around 70% of workers are tempted to make themselves sick in hot weather.

BrightHR, which monitors 250,000 employees at 10,000 workplaces, said: “The dates to ease lockdown restrictions are among the most requested days off this year, outside of major holidays” and the Federation of small businesses warned, “Hot weather employee days off don’t happen and can be a big deal. “

The Grantham Research Institute at the London School of Economics said productivity drops by around 8% when temperatures rise above 30 ° C, warning: “Heat waves have hit some industries hard. “

Beaches on the south coast were crowded on Sunday as families made the most of the time, with parking lots at full capacity as early as 9 a.m.

But many emergency services have been overwhelmed, prompting police forces to urge people not to call 999 unless it is an emergency.

Among them were Surrey Police, who said residents with non-urgent requests would get a faster response if they sent a direct message via Twitter.

A woman has been airlifted from Durdle Door beach in Dorset after she passed out from an alleged jellyfish sting.


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