Sprint qualifying is no different from recent races behind Verstappen – .

Sprint qualifying is no different from recent races behind Verstappen – .

In roundup: Lewis Hamilton says Formula 1 sprint qualifying looked a lot like previous 2021 Grands Prix, once he fell behind Max Verstappen.

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Hamilton: Tracking difficulty not resolved by sprint qualifying format

Hamilton qualified first for the F1 sprint qualifying session, but was beaten out of the line by Verstappen who went on to take the win. longer races, Hamilton said it was reminiscent of other circumstances when he dragged his rival to the championship this season.

« [It was] pretty much the same as the last few races in terms of following just behind Max, ”said Hamilton. ” [Friday] was a more enjoyable day in terms of qualifying.

“It’s very difficult to follow, naturally, in this car. So it wasn’t the most exciting, but I hope it was for the fans.

Vettel: Fans should judge the success of the sprint format

Sebastian Vettel says drivers are not the right people to judge whether the sprint qualifying session worked in an F1 weekend, as they will always prefer a session with racing action.

“I think it’s not so much us, you should go out there and ask people what they think.

“At the end of the day, we make this format for them. So ask the people at home and ask the people in the stands if they liked it. I think for us we love racing so free practice is not as exciting as a race [so] you have your answer.

Raikkonen doesn’t credit soft tires for a good sprint start

Kimi Raikkonen started the sprint qualifying session 17th and was able to regain four places on the to grab 13th place on the grid for tomorrow’s grand prix.

He was one of five drivers, including Valtteri Bottas and Fernando Alonso, who chose to bet on a soft tire for the session. However, Raikkonen said he didn’t think it provided a major advantage on the line.

“It’s always a little better but I doubt there is much between the two tires at the start,” he said. “It’s more if you’re right or wrong, it’s so easy to get it wrong.

“I had some damage on the ground, I think it was at the start of the race. But we tried to fight – we were a bit slow on the straights but we made some improvements, obviously. “


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