specialist warns of real risk to life – .

specialist warns of real risk to life – .

A A flood expert urged the UK to be better prepared after parts of London were submerged in dangerous flood water for the second time in two weeks.

Londoners have been seen wading through potentially contaminated floodwater on the streets and sewage overflowing from toilets as thunderstorms brought heavy rain on Sunday.

Flood specialist and engineer Simon Crowther said the floods posed a “real risk to life” that would have an extremely large impact on health and the economy.
“Floods are the biggest threat to the UK due to climate change. Homeowners need to check their flood risk and take action to reduce it, ”he said.
“It’s devastating and traumatic to see any place inundated. We really need to take flood management seriously because it won’t just be about cleaning up but dealing with a real threat to life.
“So far the approach has been very reactive, but I think these events have shown that we really need to be more proactive.
“Water gushes out of the toilet and floods people’s apartments, which is the worst because other people’s sewage goes straight into your house. ”
Health risks from flooding and dirty water include Weils’ disease and hepatitis, the expert explains.
The engineer called for flood management to be taken more seriously in the UK and stressed the need for awareness campaigns.
“The fact that we’ve had two severe floods in two weeks only underscores that this is a risk that is really being overlooked,” he said.
“People think this is something that will only happen once every hundred years, but it just isn’t the case anymore.


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