Spain, Greece tighten restrictions before British travelers arrive – .

Spain, Greece tighten restrictions before British travelers arrive – .

The two countries are among those expected to see an influx of British sun seekers this summer, but have been forced to reimpose coronavirus rules to cope with the spike in cases.

Spain and Greece are on the UK’s orange list and non-quarantine travel will go into effect for double-bite holidaymakers on July 19.

Nighttime curfews have been reintroduced in more than 30 cities in the Mediterranean region of Valencia, including the city of Valencia and the popular coastal destination of Benicassim.
Spain has seen its case rate triple in just two weeks, which has also prompted social gatherings of more than 10 people to be banned.
“The data is more than worrying, it is frankly very, very bad”, declared the Catalan secretary for public health, Josep Maria Argimon.
Greek authorities blamed the spike in the number of infections on people who did not show up for the vaccine.
“After a year and a half, no one can claim to ignore the coronavirus anymore,” Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis said.
“The country will not close again because of the attitude adopted by some people… It is not Greece that is a danger, but the unvaccinated Greeks. “
Unvaccinated people will be banned from bars, cinemas and theaters, authorities said. National restrictions will apply, including on the Greek Islands.
Robert Boyle, former chief strategy officer for British Airways parent company, IAG, predicted 12 countries could be placed in the low risk category this week.
He said this includes nine European countries which are all “strong candidates”, including Austria, Bulgaria, Germany, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Slovakia and Switzerland.
Travel lists are expected to be updated on Thursday. People arriving in the UK from Green List destinations are not required to self-isolate.
Mr Boyle described Canada as his “best prediction” for going green, as it has low rates of coronavirus cases and test positive, and its vaccine deployment program “is quickly catching up” to that of the UK. United.
He wrote in The Telegraph: “It’s hard to see a better candidate for the Green List. Canadian authorities continue to prohibit British nationals from entering Canada.
“But Australia and New Zealand too and they’re on the green list. Perhaps this is a matter of timing, as I’m sure politicians would prefer to announce a simultaneous relaxation of travel restrictions. “


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