Some properties on Nk’Mip forest fire evacuation order are downgraded on alert – Penticton News – .

Some properties on Nk’Mip forest fire evacuation order are downgraded on alert – Penticton News – .

UPDATE: 4:30 p.m.

An evacuation order for 191 properties identified in the Nk’Mip Creek area of ​​Electoral Zone A was declassified by the Okanagan Similkameen Regional District on Thursday afternoon.

Due to the continued threat of fire and the potential for expansion in this area, RDOS added that the properties identified have an evacuation alert that remains in place.

“Residents will be given as early notice as possible prior to evacuations; you may receive limited notice due to changing conditions. “

For a full list of properties whose evacuation orders have been canceled following an alert, visit the RDOS website here.

UPDATE 3:30 p.m.

The Okanagan Similkameen Regional District estimates that up to three properties were affected by the Nk’Mip wildfire.

At a press briefing Thursday afternoon, communications coordinator Erick Thompson said he believed two properties, in addition to one already identified, had been affected by the blaze.

“These are outhouses and potentially motorhomes too, not considered primary residences,” said Thompson.

A building and a camper van were previously known to have been affected by the fire.

Thompson says all three owners have been notified.

In the meantime, evacuation orders affecting nearly 200 properties could be canceled later today.

“These are evacuation orders in place for approximately 191 properties at the southern end of the Nk’Mip fire. It would be the anarchist zone.

“It’s not yet confirmed, but it’s ongoing at the moment. “

Although people may be allowed to return home, Fire Information Officer Dani McIntosh said it was important for those who are still not home to stay away.

There have been cases where people displaced by forest fires have returned to the area, hampering firefighting efforts.

“Our teams are there to try to work on structural protection and strengthening the perimeters around these communities,” she said.

“The presence of people in these areas can disrupt the effectiveness of this work. It is important that residents obey these alerts and evacuation orders. “

The Anarchist Mountain Fire Department has also launched an appeal, asking those who have received evacuation orders to stay away.

“We know that residents come back quite regularly, post pictures and say everything is fine. It is a danger for everyone.

“Winds can easily change the state of a fire and firefighters must evacuate people who shouldn’t be here. You don’t need to be here until the order is lifted. “

The fire itself is still mapped over an area of ​​6,800 hectares, however, Mcintosh says there has been significant growth, mainly in the northeastern perimeter of the blaze.

“Unfortunately, due to the behavior of the fire and the smoke conditions, we were not able to get an accurate and up-to-date measurement of the perimeter. “

The BC Wildfire Service has 134 firefighters on the ground, assisted by 46 structural firefighters. There are 26 heavy machine operators on the ground and five helicopters in the air.

UPDATE 1:55 p.m.

The Kootenay Boundary Regional District has reduced evacuation orders to alerts for 91 properties in the Sidley and Bridesville areas.

The change leaves 157 properties on evacuation orders and 283 on alert in the RDKB due to the Nk’Mip Creek wildfire. Other alerts and orders are still in effect issued by the adjacent Regional District of Okanagan Similkameen and the Osoyoos Indian Band.

The properties under decommissioning on alert are on the north side of Highway 3 between the western boundary of RDKB (250 meters west of Sidley Mountain Road) to Mt. Baldy Road to Canyon Bridge and north to McKinney Creek.

The BC Wildfire Service has yet to provide an update on the status of the fire on Thursday.


Heavy smoke continues to challenge the BC Wildfire Service to understand how far the Nk’Mip wildfire has grown in recent days.

The fire east of Oliver and Osoyoos is still estimated at 6,800 hectares, although growth has been seen since that figure was first published.

“Fire activity has been moderate with mostly surface fires and tree fires. The fire is still active but not as difficult, ”BCWS said on Wednesday.

Crews remained at the scene overnight to provide structural protection at Anarchist Mountain, where patrolling and clean-up continued on the southern perimeter of the fire. There was a little excursion over the fire department near Bullmoose Road. that the crews do their best to contain.

The Anarchist Mountain Fire Department says their hall has been the hub of the team for more than a week now, with people coming and going around the clock.

“When the fire first broke out, our team had to take action. Since then multitasking on the fly has become part of everyday life, ”AMFD said on Facebook, thanking the“ backstage catering team ”who volunteered to feed and hydrate the crews.

Help did not come only from local residents, with nearly 100 Mexican firefighters now reaching their pace in the Nk’Mip blaze.

Elsewhere on the fire lines, crews will continue to patrol and clear residential areas near McKinney Rd, Nk’Mip Rd and Shrike Hill, burning any unburned fuel. Heavy equipment is progressing with the ranger assessment and construction of the line near Shrike and the emergency line near Mount Baldy and Sidley Meadows.

The BCWS was hoping to get an accurate map of the blaze on Wednesday. This story will be updated as more information becomes available.

Several alerts and evacuation orders remain in place.

There are 134 firefighters, five helicopters and 26 pieces of heavy equipment on the fire.


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