Some frustrated Bend restaurants say Uber Eats drove many unhappy customers – .

Some frustrated Bend restaurants say Uber Eats drove many unhappy customers – .

They say they never put their business on the platform, that it contains incorrect information – and it was difficult to reach them

BEND, Ore. (KTVZ) – Two restaurants in Bend say food delivery platform Uber Eats, which is supposed to bring them more business, has done their business instead.

Juan Moreno, owner of Super Burrito in Bend, said on Monday that since his restaurant was listed on Uber Eats, he has had many unhappy customers.

“The menu for Uber Eats on their website is totally bogus. They have things that we don’t even do, ”Moreno said. “They say we sell hot dogs and hamburgers, and we don’t, so people, when they order and come and get them, they’re frustrated with us. “

Moreno said he applied to be on the Uber Eats platform at the start of the pandemic, but never got a response.

“They never asked me if they could download a menu on their own. They don’t have anyone’s permission, ”Moreno said.

Another restaurant in Bend is having similar problems.

Jon Weber, owner of J-DUB, said he also never put his restaurant on the food delivery platform.

“We weren’t asked, and so some of these platforms took my menu items, or my entire menu without permission and put it online to their advantage, without any warning to us,” Weber said.

Weber added that his main concern is the way his food is presented to customers.

“It didn’t represent my product very well and speed was an issue,” Weber said of food delivery services.

Weber’s frustration stems from the fact that Uber Eats did not request permission to place their food on the delivery platform.

“It makes sense to ask ahead of time or partner with people – that they can’t take your property so to speak and then use it,” Weber said.

Moreno said he wants his business to be pulled from Uber Eats because it leads to unhappy customers.

When asked if he had contacted the food delivery company, he replied that he had tried going to their website, but it was “difficult to talk to them”.

NewsChannel 21 also struggled to get in touch with Uber Eats for a comment or response.

Some states have laws in place that help prevent these types of problems. California passed a law this year that requires food delivery services to enter into an agreement with restaurants in order to deliver their food.


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