SO SCARY! RHOBH star Kyle Richards hospitalized after accidentally entering a beehive! – .

SO SCARY! RHOBH star Kyle Richards hospitalized after accidentally entering a beehive! – .

Kyle Richards had a terrifying experience over the weekend!
Sunday, Real Housewives of Beverly Hills The star has revealed she is recovering after being rushed to hospital after accidentally entering a beehive and being stung multiple times. Notice she is allergic to bees, so this was truly a life and death moment for her! The 52-year-old actress shared the news on Instagram story, writing:

“So, it happened yesterday… I walked into a bee hive and got stung several times. If you know me, you know that I am allergic to bees and I am afraid of it. “

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Kyle then showed his home security camera footage of the incident, which captured the Bravo personality sprinting on the lawn and jumping into his pool to try to get away from the swarm. She also stopped to assess her injuries at one point, saying:

“I can laugh at this video now, but what you can’t see is that they were in my hair and literally chasing me. My family was not at home and for some reason the people working for me couldn’t hear me screaming for help. My landline was not dialing 911 and my epi pen was faulty and would not open.

Fortunately, the Little house in the meadow alum has returned home. And although she looks better now, Richards took a moment to thank the paramedics who helped her and urged others with severe allergies to use their Epi-Pens if necessary:

“I share this story with you because sometimes I don’t bother to take my pen cob with me. I also don’t know why I couldn’t get mine to work. It is important to watch your tube and watch the videos on how to use it. There are different types of cob pens and they each work differently. But still call 911 even if you can use your epi pen as they have to use other medicine to help breathing etc.

The Los Angeles native concluded the post by thanking her local fire station and medical center for “taking such good care of me.” Including helping me through my panic attack. And for having had to convince me several times that there were no more bees in my hair.

We don’t blame Kyle for freaking out about this! the Los Angeles Fire Department The team also returned home to watch her later, with Kyle sharing alongside another selfie:

“@ Lafdfirestation83 just came to see me the next day. Still looks like a hot mess with my pool hair and #supportyourlocalfiredepartment puncture marks. “

Oh yeah, and the reality TV star is planning to remove the hive as soon as possible. Sounds like the best call for mom. Take a look at Kyle’s super scary story (below):

(c) Kyle Richards/Instagram
(c) Kyle Richards/Instagram
(c) Kyle Richards/Instagram
SO SCARY!  RHOBH star Kyle Richards hospitalized after entering a beehive!
Kyle Richards/Instagram

[Image via Kyle Richards/Instagram]


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