Slipknot founding drummer Joey Joridson, deceased at 46 – .

Slipknot founding drummer Joey Joridson, deceased at 46 – .

Slipknot’s founding drummer Joey Jordison and co-author of several of their biggest hits, died Monday at the age of 46. A representative of his family said he passed away peacefully in his sleep but did not specify the cause of death.

“Joey’s death left us with empty hearts and feelings of indescribable sadness,” a statement from Jordison’s family reads. “To those who knew Joey, included his quick wit, gentle personality, giant heart, and love for all things family and music. Joey’s family have asked that friends, fans and the media naturally respect our need for privacy and peace during this incredibly difficult time. The family intends to organize a private funeral service.

Jordison was playing with a group of metalheads from Des Moines, Iowa who called themselves the Pale Ones and later Meld when he suggested they change their name to Slipknot in 1995. Within a few years, the group’s lineup grew. to nine members who wore nightmare masks and the assault of fused metal and rap that put them at the forefront of the nu-metal explosion. Through regular tours and explosive concerts at the Ozzfest, their self-titled debut album in 1999 went double platinum, with Jordison’s jaw-dropping beats and death metal blastbeats a crucial ingredient in the band’s sudden success.

He remained with the group until 2013, leaving for what he described at the time as “personal reasons”. A few years later, he revealed a neurological disease which prompted his departure. “I got really, really sick with a horrible disease called transverse myelitis; I lost my legs, ”he told the audience during the Metal hammer Golden Gods Awards and 2016 (via NME). “I couldn’t play anymore. It was a form of multiple sclerosis, which I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy. I got up, ended up in the gym, and went back to therapy to beat that shit. At the time, he said he was devoting himself to music again with a new band called Vimic.

In addition to Slipknot and Vimic, the prolific musician has played guitar in glam-inspired horror-punk band The Murderdolls, drums with alternative metal band Scar the Martyr and extreme metal supergroup Sinsaenum, and pre-Slipknot passages in Modifidious and don’t have them. He has also made appearances on recordings of Otep, Necrophagia and Rob Zombie. In 2005, he brought together several supergroups for the project Roadrunner United, which commemorated the 25th anniversary of Slipknot’s label, Roadrunner; on five tracks, he performed with dream teams made up of members of Type O Negative, Deicide, Life of Agony and the band King Diamond.

Nathan Jonas Jordison was born in Des Moines on April 26, 1975, according to the book by author Jason Arnopp, In the disease, behind the masks. He grew up nearby in the small town of Waukee, where he had bad grades in school and considered himself an introvert. He discovered Kiss and Black Sabbath in the early 1980s and his parents nurtured his interest in music, forming his first group in elementary school. Jordison played guitar with a friend who wasn’t very good at drums, which prompted the musician to switch instruments. His parents surprised him with his own drums when he was in fifth grade and he continued to play with friends.

Jordison and the other founding members of Slipknot found themselves playing on the Des Moines club circuit, mostly at a place called the Runway. By 1996, they had started wearing masks and released a demo album called Comrade. Food. To kill. Repeat., which featured a song called “Slipknot” which the band later remodeled into Noose “(Sic)” from the album. “The first mask I got was an original pale white kabuki mask,” Jordison said. Revolver. “One Halloween day when I was about eight years old, I came home from school and my mom walked around the corner with that mask and a long dress on and scared me. It’s still stuck with me. So I had to use it for my mask.

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