Side-flow Covid tests run out on day lockdown is fully lifted – .

Side-flow Covid tests run out on day lockdown is fully lifted – .

The UK is apparently running out of Covid-19 side-flow testing just hours after most mandatory coronavirus restrictions in England were eased.
People attempting to order home kit supplies through the government website are urged to “try again tomorrow when further testing becomes available.”

They are then advised to try ordering through the NHS England website instead – but they would be redirected to

The message reads: “Sorry, no further tests can be ordered today.

“It is no longer possible today to order rapid lateral flow tests online or via the call center.

“Please try again tomorrow when further testing becomes available. “

It comes on so-called ‘Freedom Day’ when most of England’s mandatory coronavirus restrictions were lifted on Monday.

The free lateral flow tests are expected to be available to the public until at least the end of August as they are deemed essential in controlling the spread of Covid-19.

In April, the government launched a campaign urging everyone to test themselves twice a week, under the headline “Safe Next Step”.

Lateral flow tests have been made available in workplaces and community locations “to encourage a new testing habit” for anyone showing no symptoms of Covid.

“Everyone can now access free and rapid lateral flow tests for themselves and their families to use twice a week,” a government announcement said.

Lateral flow tests are 95% effective at detecting Covid-19 if used early in infection and soon after symptoms start, new study says.

Although previous studies have suggested that lateral flow tests may be less sensitive than PCR tests to detect Covid-19, the researchers behind the latest study claim that the two have “very similar levels of accuracy.” to detect Covid, but only when symptoms first start.


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