Shane Taylor on the evolution of Dalton Castle in ROH – .

Shane Taylor on the evolution of Dalton Castle in ROH – .

During a recent episode of The Wrestling Inc. QuotidienWrestling Inc. Editor Nick Hausman sat down with ROH Six-Man Champion Shane Taylor ahead of the Shane Taylor Promotions title defense at The best in the world. During the “pandemic era” for the ROH, they used a bubble system to make recordings for shows. Taylor gave his opinion on his thoughts on ROH’s efforts during the pandemic.

“Pride, honestly,” Taylor said. “Not only to be able to deal with a very unique and very difficult situation, but I am proud of the way ROH handled it, not only with the artists, but also with the men and women on the roster that came together. are broken ass to make sure you put on the best show possible for our fans. I think when you compare it to all the other companies in the world, if you put our product next to theirs, there’s no one out there beating us right now.

“So for me the ability for us to be able to go out, do that, stage the performances and displays that we’ve got so far is absolutely amazing. For STP personally, I feel like this time around made people appreciate some of the things that we do that they haven’t had the chance to do when there were fans because for me personally, the way is my style, i talk a lot of garbage while i’m in the ring, and you can hear that without a crowd, whereas before you didn’t understand these things.

“So I think the immersion allows people to enjoy some of the things that we do more and that aspect of our performances, but coming back to the fans now, I think they’re going to be, not just entertained by the things that we say, but what we do and the general swagger we bring to ROH.

STP formed in the second half of 2019. Taylor commented on how STP has changed and grown without the presence of fans for most of their group run.

“For us, I think we were, almost better than anyone, able to maintain the momentum we had at the start and get into the running,” said Taylor. “Again, people got to watch not only myself but Kaun, Moses, O’Shay [Edwards] sort of grew through that time, and they were able to follow and see how much confidence, improvement they’ve had from our beginnings until now.

“I couldn’t be prouder of everyone involved. It just shows the hard work and dedication it takes to make what we’re doing not only the best thing to do in ROH, but the best thing to do in all of pro wrestling, so I’m excited for The best in the world. I’m screwed. I am ready to go. We have a point to prove.

“It almost seems like every time we go out someone is doing something to put that chip on our shoulder, which is greatly appreciated because we want it and we need it. It’s going to be a hell of a game. You have STP against Dalton Castle, Eli Isom, and Dak Draper. Dalton is a former champion. He’s a former six-a-side champion. He was once able to lead an unlikely team to championship gold. It won’t happen on Sunday.

STP will take on Dalton Castle, Eli Isom and Dak Draper in The best in the world. Taylor commented on how Castle has changed over the years.

“Dalton Castle, whatever the quirks, whatever the manners, whatever aura he gives off, he kind of makes you think he’s that goofy guy, but when you really look at him, it kind of makes you think he’s that goofy guy. ‘is one of the most legitimate competitors and one of the most legitimate athletes in the business, ”Taylor said. “And he proved it by becoming the Ring of Honor World Champion, which so many people never got the chance to do. He reached the top of this mountain.

“So we always know he has this in his bag. He has that in his arsenal. Now, if he puts it all together and if he brings it all and his A-game and the three can fit together, that remains to be seen. But one of the dangerous things about having an unpredictable team is that there’s really nothing to watch out for. We can spot them individually, but we have no idea how they’re going to work together that night. We must be ready for anything.

“We have to be able to handle the X factor of Dalton Castle, the speed and youthful exuberance of Eli Isom and the power, speed, technique of a guy like Dak Draper. The things they can do together, we have to capitalize on the mistakes if they make them, when they do them.

“For us, it’s just as important a test as facing a well-oiled team, because there will always be trends, and to be honest, it could be a little more difficult because they are so unpredictable and we don’t. have no idea. how they will come together as a unit. We must therefore be in our game, which we will be. I’ll make sure, and if I go to Kaun and Moses will be there to make sure they take all the slack and bring it home, ”

Promotions Shane Taylor are defending their ROH Six-Man Tag Team Championships this Sunday night at ROH Best In The World. You can follow Shane on Twitter @Shane216Taylor.

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