Shameful texts from the son of the drug dealer who ordered his mother to sell drugs from the family home – .

Shameful texts from the son of the drug dealer who ordered his mother to sell drugs from the family home – .

These texts show how a cheeky drug dealer used his own mother to supply customers from the family home.
Police found £ 6,000 worth of cannabis, digital scales, pressure bags and a vacuum sealer in Jake Cowhig’s bedroom.

Officers discovered the 25-year-old idiot had a checklist titled ‘The Graft’ showing cash amounts owed totaling over £ 31,000.

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But even more shocking were the messages on his cell phone, which showed he was running the business with the help of Sharon Cowhig, 52.

This led to the two of them ending up together on the dock at Liverpool Crown Court when he was sent to jail, but she narrowly avoided jail.

When police raided the family’s home in Grantham Road, Kirkby at 7:10 a.m. on July 2 last year, Jake attempted to claim 596g – roughly 20 ounces – of cannabis found in his drawers. room was for personal use and denied any knowledge of the checklist.

However, the court heard that his phone revealed he sent 10 text messages to his “Mom” contact in just three hours on June 26 – all of them asking him to smuggle drugs – which are listed in full here:

4:49 pm: “Can you make 3.45 of these oranges so the guy is out in a white bmw for 30 pounds he needs ten cents”

4:49 pm: “Can you make 3.45 of this orangeese for the boy outside please 30 pounds”

5:11 pm: “Mom, can you tell her to bake 6.9 orange cookies, try to get nice buds if possible and 3.45 L. weed which makes 100 in total”

Jake Cowhig, 25, of Grantham Road, Kirkby, used his mother to sell cannabis

5:11 pm: “He’s outside now”

5:33 pm: “Can you make 13.9 of that 2 for 120 bowling cake if he can outside”

6:04 pm: “Can you make 2 1.7 oranges and 2 1.7 bowling cakes 2 for 60 pounds for the girl in the black car”

6:37 pm: “Mom can you make 6.9 of L.sherb for 70 for the lil karl hunter”

6:37 pm: “Has everything been rung by rs yeah? “

At 6:42 p.m., she replied: “Yeah jake sound”

7:51 pm: “Mom can you make 1.75 2 for 20 bowling cake for the boy outside”

7:58 pm: “The boy outside said he had sent a txt to u… ??? “

Zillah Williams, District Attorney, said: “Although the text messages regarding Sharon Cowhig are all from one day, the tone of them suggests that this is normal for Sharon Cowhig.

“For example, Sharon Cowhig doesn’t ask her son for any explanations or details and clearly understands and knows the terminology. “

Sharon Cowhig at court

The court heard that Jake was released under investigation after the first raid, following an interview in which he largely replied “without comment” or remained silent.

But the texts, which showed that his mother “was concerned with the provision of class B drugs in a support role” led to his arrest on December 3.

She gave an interview without comment and while being questioned at Huyton Police Station, officers again searched the family’s home.

This time they found 49.6g – almost two ounces – of cannabis, with an estimated market value of £ 345, plus pressure bags, scales, £ 190 in cash and ‘a number of items. valuable “.

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Ms Williams said there was “speculation” about their authenticity, but police seized “designer clothes, a Rolex watch and an Omega watch, estimated to be worth around £ 30,000”.

Jake was arrested again and granted an interview without comment.

He later admitted two counts of possession of cannabis with the intention of providing it, while his mother admitted to being concerned about the supply of cannabis.

He was previously convicted of cannabis possession in 2014, for which he received a conditional discharge, and two warnings for drug possession in 2013. His mother previously had good character.

Both mother and son said they were sorry, Jake’s defense lawyer Ian Whitehurst explained that he had since cut back on his cannabis use, which at the time was “out of control” .

Peter Killen, defending Sharon, said she was led by her son and played a limited role.

He argued that imprisoning her would have a significant negative impact on others, namely her husband, whom she has cared for for the past decade due to medical issues, and her 87-year-old visually impaired mother.

Sharon Cowhig sold cannabis on behalf of her son

Judge Brandon agreed that Sharon’s imprisonment would harm her husband and mother, and that she had “a realistic prospect of rehabilitation.”

She handed him eight months in prison, suspended for 10 months, with a requirement of 10 days of rehabilitative activity and 50 hours of unpaid work.

But the judge said Jake continued to use cannabis and pointed out that he continued to break the law by selling cannabis, despite being investigated by police after the first raid because she jailed him for 14 months.

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