Severe flooding kills at least 12 in central China – .

Severe flooding kills at least 12 in central China – .

Flooding is common in China, but it seems to have become more severe, which researchers have attributed to climate change.

China faced weeks of severe flooding along the Yangtze River last summer, which killed hundreds and displaced millions more. The rains around this time filled the Three Gorges Dam to its highest level since it opened in 2003.

In the event of a disaster, the nation’s state media often focus on the efforts of rescuers, including the military, while downplaying the causes of disasters and their damage.

A journalism professor, Zhan Jiang, posted a note on Weibo, the social media platform, complaining that TV stations in Henan Province were continuing to broadcast their regular schedule – which he called a ” anti-Japanese drama ”- instead of ensuring public safety. information.

Claire Fu, Li You, Liu Yi, and Cao Li contributed to the research.


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