Series Finale – Season 5 Episode 6 on Freeform – .

Series Finale – Season 5 Episode 6 on Freeform – .

Warning: The following contains spoilers for The daring typethe series finale. Get away from the fashion closet if you haven’t watched it yet!

The ladies of The daring type go up – and go away.

Wednesday’s series finale made Jane realize she was meant to be a writer, while Jacqueline came to the conclusion that the future of Scarlet is actually… Kat! With Kat now taking the reins as editor-in-chief, Jane was inspired by a photo of her mother to quit the magazine and travel the world, living adventures her mother couldn’t.

Relationshipally, Kat and Adena finally got back together (for good!), And Richard realized that he wanted Sutton more than he wanted children, paving the way for their reconciliation. As for Jane, she met the hot bodyguard and fell on her ex Ryan! But will she really call her old writer Scott, now that she’s gone Scarlet? Below, showrunner Wendy Straker Hauser answers this burning question and more about the end of the series.

LIGNE TV | When did you know Kat was going to be editor-in-chief of Scarlet? Has it always been part of your vision for her?
It was not always part of the vision. It really happened when we found out we had the fifth and final season, and we knew it was a shortened season, and we really wanted to bring Kat back to Scarlet with the girls, and that’s sort of the result of that. Then as we started to think about all the girls stories and Jane’s story and how she’s wanted this her whole life, and what it would be like if you walked into something and that is it actually not good for you? We started to realize, well, you know who it’s really good for, and what would be perfect, organic, and really fulfilling is if Kat took that position. As we started to think more about this, we remembered in the pilot how much more confident and comfortable she really was. [one], and the one who always speaks to the council and the one who always changes policies. The more we started playing with the idea, the better it suited the whole writers’ room.

LIGNE TV | Offscreen, did Jane recommend Kat for work, or is that something Jane and Jacqueline got together?
We felt like this was something they both had thought of in their own hearts and minds, and we tried, in a nuanced way, to layer that on top of it. Because we really wanted to make sure it didn’t feel like Jane was saying no at work and then recommending Kat, but at the same time as Jane realizing that it was potentially not good for her, Jacqueline realized how good it was for Kat. So we really tried to make it happen at the same time, and we felt like Jacqueline reacts when she hears Don’t turn away, and having Kat in the office and seeing her passion, and being reminded by Jane how much Kat had helped Jane with her pitch deck and all that, how Kat has always been right and how much of a manager and a leader Kat is that way, which is really a big, big part of Jacqueline’s work.

LIGNE TV | Meanwhile, Jane decided to leave Scarlet travel. Where do you see the future taking it?
In many ways, she is the most unknown, but also the most exciting. It feels like she has this big trip to herself, in part because she was always so determined to find out where she was going in her life that there was a little less leeway that she s. allowed to explore. Now she realizes that this exploration for her must begin now. So I think she’s going to travel the world. I think she will always be a writer. I think she couldn’t breathe without writing. And I’m oddly just as excited to think about where she’s going and not knowing where she’s going as I think our fans will be. Part of the fun is just in the unknown for Jane, who always knew it all. But I think she’s going to have a great, awesome, amazing trip. She may not move to New York for a very, very long time.

LIGNE TV | Jane also received a surprise visit from her ex-boyfriend Ryan. Why did you want to bring him back once more before the end?
I’ve always been a Pinstripe / Jane fan, and I think a lot of people are. We don’t have a second chance now. This is the end of the series. There was something really fun, complete and satisfying about seeing the two of them seeing each other and being in the right place, and seeing Jane not breaking down when she sees him, but being in a place where she loves and respects him. , but is also happy and confident and all of those things in their own right. There’s a part of me that looks a lot like Ryan, Jane Sloan is The One That Got Away. I think he knows he lost the love of his life, and I think he was just too young and immature when he met the love of his life. I know stories like this that resulted in really successful marriages and a lot of kids with that love of a lifetime, because they got to come back and profess their love. But for now, it was just satisfying to see these two together – they had a very real relationship – and just to see them both being equally well placed but still loving each other.

LIGNE TV | What was your approach to Jane’s love life then? You made him click with the bodyguard, but also earlier this season Scott basically said to him, ‘If things change, call me. Now that she’s gone Scarlet, will she call Scott?
I don’t think she’s going to call Scott for a while… She needs a fling. She needs something away from Scarlet. She needs to explore. I see her leave the country, travel abroad, and I see her take The failing feminist internationally. I just think she’s gonna have her own version of a Eat Pray Love journey which, obviously, is based on his fear and his passion. She’s going to have fun, and she’s going to explore, professionally and emotionally. I would like to be able to take this trip with her, because I have the impression that she will learn a lot, have fun and live in the moment.

LIGNE TV | Things really could have gone both ways with Sutton and Richard. How did you come to decide that they would overcome the problems they had about the children and get back together?
We just got deep into our hearts and hearts for this couple on this one because we’ve had a bunch of different endings. In the end, this one was the one that looked good to me, and I’m so, so glad we did, because I think I would have regretted if it had ended some other way and [would have] desperately wanted to turn back time to start over. We struggled so much with [the idea that] these two have a very real conflict and a very serious outlook on what the rest of their life is like, and what do you do when those opinions are different? We didn’t want Sutton to change her mind, and at the same time, we didn’t want Sutton to lose the love of her life because she didn’t want to have children. And we really do believe that Richard is still madly in love with Sutton, and the reality of not living with her was much, much more painful than the reality of not having children. And so he told him with a lot of confidence and firmness what life he wanted to live, and we love that for both of us.

LIGNE TV | You mentioned that there were different endings. Can you share any details on how these alternate scenarios look?
We played with the idea that it would be a very similar scenario to the one you saw, but that Richard would profess his love, and Sutton would say, “I know you. You’re gonna be an amazing dad, and I love you so much, and I don’t want you to regret it. Go have the family you’re meant to have, ”and let it be that heartbreaking ending, but also inspiring because they were both where they were potentially meant to be. But in the end, it didn’t feel right. I just didn’t feel like this was the end of the two of them. We really found this trip to Sutton where she often felt like she wasn’t enough, and it was like this amazing and satisfying ending to see Richard say, “You are more than enough.” And so it became the winner for all of us.

The Bold Type Series FinaleLIGNE TV | Kat and Adena also ended up in the finale. Why was it important to you that they end the series together?
I think they were always meant to be together. Kat met Adena at a time when she didn’t even know who she really was and hadn’t explored her sexuality yet, and she was only at the start of her journey. At this point, it seemed like it would have been too early for them to last forever. Watching Kat over the past five seasons, she’s afraid of engagement, and she’s afraid of being labeled, and she’s had a lot of crossroads to get through. But we felt they belonged together, and we feel like Kat is now in a place where she can profess his love to Adena, and he can to be forever, because she is no longer afraid.

LIGNE TV | Was there something you really wanted to do or characters you wanted to bring back but couldn’t due to the shortened episode count or due to COVID constraints?
We wish we had more time to tell these stories, more time to slow things down and dig deeper and maybe dig a little deeper into Sutton’s journey after leaving her in a messy place at the end of Season 4. More time would have given us more opportunities to dig deeper and slow down, but eventually we would have come to the same place.

LIGNE TV | The last scene is that of the three girls in the fashionable closet under Jacqueline’s eyes. What made this the perfect time to end the series?
The minute we hit Episode 6 and started thinking and breaking the episode, we knew we wanted to give the pilot a nod. Screaming was one of those opportunities, and the trendy closet was another. As we played around with the idea of ​​changing the guards and Kat taking over and Jacqueline walking away, it was a really nice time to mirror the pilot and remind the audience that at the end of the day , this show is about these three women. No matter what, against all odds, no matter what titles they have or where they travel to, it will always be the three of them. So it seemed like a very nice way to symbolically illustrate it.

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