Senior Tennessee vaccine official says she was fired for shooting teenagers – .

Senior Tennessee vaccine official says she was fired for shooting teenagers – .

On Tuesday, Mr Cepicky declined to comment on Dr Fiscus’ dismissal, according to a representative for him.

The question of whether and when adolescents should be able to consent to healthcare decisions has been reignited in the Covid-19 vaccine debate. Some parent advocates say parents should have the ultimate authority over their child’s medical care, especially if they have concerns about the safety of vaccines. But many lawmakers and public health officials have supported allowing children as young as 12 to be vaccinated without parental consent.

“Why would we want to discourage anyone, regardless of age, from getting vaccinated during a pandemic? Said Dominic A. Sisti, author of recommendations for adolescent consent and vaccines that were published this week in JAMA Pediatrics. “Adolescents have the ability to weigh the costs against the benefits and they often know a lot more about vaccines than their parents who are reluctant to get vaccinated. “

Forty states require parental consent to immunize children under 18. But some states are now set to tighten restrictions on when teens can consent to Covid-19 vaccines in particular, arguing that because federal agencies have only cleared them for emergency use, parents should have more power to prohibit their children from obtaining them.

At the legislative hearing in Tennessee last month, Lisa Piercey, the state health commissioner, sought to allay the concerns of lawmakers by saying, “In no way does the department encourage children to walk away. vaccinate without parental consent. ”

She said she was only aware of eight cases in which doctrine was invoked to immunize a minor. Three of them were her own children, she said, vaccinated while she was at work.

Since then, the health ministry has canceled its campaign, removing messages informing the public that people 12 and older can be vaccinated.


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