season 7 finale, season 8 spoilers for WestAllen – .

season 7 finale, season 8 spoilers for WestAllen – .

Flash closed Season 7 on Tuesday night with the threat of war, followed by a whole bunch of love.

First things first: After visiting the spirit of August Heart, Barry realized that Godspeed was clamoring for organic speed – and his clones wouldn’t back down until the Flash gave it to him. Refusing to comply with the demands, Barry teamed up with Jay Garrick, his daughter Nora, his son Bart (brought out of a coma by Speed ​​Force Nora) and his wife Iris (whose latent speedster ability was reactivated by Speed. Force Nora), along with Cisco / Mecha- Vibe and Frost offer a save to fight the clones in a street fight.

Alas, this assembly of heroes (and Noras!) Was not enough to rule out the clones for good. Barry then attempted to do well in August and use his Speed ​​Force connection to jumpstart the biochemist’s memory. In doing so, however, Barry ended up fulfilling Heart’s destiny of being Godspeed, who then absorbed the powers of his clone army.

To help Barry defeat the sinister speedster, Speed ​​Force Nora, with Iris serving as an anchor, called in the Negative Speed ​​Force to recruit Eobard Thawne to join the fight. Flash and Reverse-Flash teamed up against Godspeed in a lightning sword fight, with Thawne eventually (but not fatally !!!) slipping his blade through Barry’s new nemesis. Thawne then wanted to kill Barry himself, but realized that his nemesis “got faster” and is now impervious, so he sped off (… for now). Subsequently, Barry invited Iris to enhance their ersatz, hijacked by Olicity, by renewing their vows at Joe’s, where his son Bart sang Jonah Muton’s “1949”.

Elsewhere in the finale: Kristen Kramer (and a stunned Joe) discovered that she was a meta capable of mimicking the power of any nearby meta, and the vow renewal ceremony seemed to put Joe and Cecile in in the mood to (finally!) formalize things themselves.

What we does not have getting was a clue as to what to expect. To that end, TVLine spoke to showrunner Eric Wallace about the Wild and Pandemic Altered Season, as well as what’s on his “to-do list” for season 8 (premiering Tuesday, November 16).

LIGNE TV | At the start of this season, we talked about the challenges that producing a TV show during the pandemic could face. What are the biggest nuts that you ended up having to crack?
I would say the reduced order [18 episodes] was probably the biggest challenge, as we had a much bigger, more complex story to tell in Season 7 that we had to truncate, essentially. And that was the result of not only a shorter season due to COVID, but also the last three episodes of last year that ended up being in. this season. Suddenly we found ourselves having to do Three things instead of two, which required a lot of story juggling. We got over it, but I’d say it was a hell of a big challenge.

The other challenge was mental, for the cast and for the crew, making a TV show in the midst of a global pandemic. I mean, I can’t underestimate people how difficult it was and what our cast and crew, our writing team and everyone were when the world was going through something so intense. They stood up because they felt the need to entertain people even Suite, but it comes with a toll. We were really on our nerves at the end of Season 7 and needed a break, which we luckily had.

LIGNE TV | Going back to what you said about having to reshape the storylines, if we looked enough where would you say we could see the seams?
I hope you can not see the seams. The first three episodes, which marked the end of latest season and ended the Mirrorverse story, were meant to be bigger and wilder and a lot crazier. At the end of episode 702, where there is a mirror arm that comes out of an elevator and attacks [Officer] Korber, it was the first of what was to be a whole vague of an invasion.

LIGNE TV | Something of “body thieves”.
Yes. When we first planned this, there weren’t any COVID protocols in place, so you could have tons of extras and do all kinds of crazy things, and suddenly it became impossible, so we were like, “OK, we have to tell the same story in a different way. Oh, and we had some distribution issues as well, due to the mental challenge of [the pandemic]. It was definitely the most difficult TV season I have ever experienced – and hope to experience.

LIGNE TV | Yes, I got the impression that you had to do some very careful “chess movement” with the actors. Like, we saw Iris disappear for a few weeks, Joe had a very distinct affair with Kristen Kramer, Allegra had her own thing….
And that was all the things that we sort of had to do because all of those things had been in place and planned for a much more leisurely pace where we could fit things in, and all of a sudden we didn’t have any more. time for it. What I really liked, though, was that it allowed some of the other supporting characters to shine for a full episode. i still use [Episode] 714 as a perfect example, allowing Chester and Allegra, especially Kayla Compton, to really shine in one episode. It’s something that wouldn’t have presented as if the season had been in its original form. So, I think there were some unexpected bonuses to the situation, and I was very happy with that.

Same with Chester going back to the ’90s, which we sort of had already planned, but suddenly the way we had to shoot it – because you can’t have a school full of kids – we had to do so much. wonderful things, smart things. I have an independent film background, so I really dug in there and infected the rest of the cast and crew with what I call “independent fever”. We’re just going to take the rudimentary theme, the heart, the emotion of the story, and give it all the attention. Again this episode got delicious and the cast had so much fun with it – Carlos [Valdes] and Brandon [McKnight], especially because it allowed them to improvise a bit, because we couldn’t have a whole lot of action. It was wonderful, just wonderful. Lots of lemonade has been made from lemons.

LIGNE TV | Speaking of bodies on set – and that’s a very cheesy and granular question: watching the finale, at any given point in time, how many stuntmen were dressed as Godspeed clones? Guess you’ve never had more than six.
Well guessed! It was really funny – when we started the season, I said, ‘OK, we’re going to do this graphic novel,’ The Godspeed Imperative ‘, with a Godspeed Civil War,’ and they were like, ‘Oh, so are we going to have all these digital godspeeds? I said yes, we are going to have some, but how much convenient Godspeeds can you give me beyond Karan [Oberoi], who is our main Godspeed, and his stuntman? Our costume designer, Kate Main, said to me, “Eric, we don’t have a lot of time here…” and I said, “How much can you give me? Five six? I take it. “

So I had to turn to the directors and say, “Good news and bad news. We can’t do everything we did in the past, but we have six actual divine gears that you can set. I actually stole this from George Lucas. There is a very famous scene in the [Young] Chronicles of Indiana Jones, I think it’s in the pilot, where there was a group of riders heading towards the camera, and it was like 20 horsepower but they turned it into 60. I told the crew that we were gonna take these six guys and put them all over, shoot those six people all over the place, to create that illusion – and that’s really awesome. I am so proud of them. Our stuntman Jon Kralt did the most amazing job with these six guys, especially with this lightning sword fight.

LIGNE TV | This has been as an interesting approach that you took with this final fight between Flash, Reverse-Flash, and Godspeed.
We were inspired by Joshua [Williamson]is performed in current comics. There’s a photo somewhere, I think it’s on a cover or inside, where Godspeed is holding his lightning sword. I looked at this and I thought to myself: “What if there is Three lightning swords, and they have a duel. And can they speed up at the same time? The minute I presented this to everyone, you should have seen the looks on their faces! [Laughs] They were like, “Eric, do you realize that we are supposed to do less in the middle of a pandemic…? I said we owe this to the public, let’s give them what they deserve. And it inspired everyone. Our director, Marcus Stokes, laughs about it now, but there were times during the shoot where we were like, ‘Are we crazy?

LIGNE TV | Coming out of that big fight, and then Barry and Iris’ vow renewal, there was no usual teasing about what the next season might be. What’s on your to-do list for Season 8?
My to-do list for Season 8? Oh, my gosh, that’s not a short answer. There are so many things. Barry and Iris are happier than ever, but also because they are super happy, now they have to face the biggest challenge of all time, because we have to solve: “What’s going on with his headache? time ? What’s going on with Dion? What’s up with those green eyes we saw in Episode 16? This is a problem that has yet to be resolved, and you will never imagine where it is going. It’s gonna be amazing.

The other thing I would say is seek so much fun in the [season-opening] special five-part event that we can optionally give to the public without calling it a “crossover”. Because we want them to feel the same as a crossover, even though it’s not a crossover.

LIGNE TV | And what can you say about the villains of season 8?
As always, we will continue our graphic novel and interlude formats, to introduce villains new and old. For our new villains, one in particular will be the biggest and most powerful villain the Flash has ever faced – and that’s saying something! We’ll meet this unique villain pretty early in Season 8.

As for those returning villains, there will certainly be some very familiar faces from the past seven seasons that will reappear, unexpectedly, to make Barry and Iris’ united life a living nightmare.

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