Sacha Baron Cohen Wins $ 95 Million Legal Fight With Roy Moore Over “Pedophile Detector” Joke

Sacha Baron Cohen Wins $ 95 Million Legal Fight With Roy Moore Over “Pedophile Detector” Joke

A U.S. judge has dismissed a $ 95 million lawsuit against comedian Sacha Baron Cohen over a “pedophile detector” joke in his 2018 TV series Who Is America?

U.S. Senate candidate Roy Moore took the case to court complaining of being trapped in a interview for the show who denounced the sexual misconduct charges against him.

The segment in that of Baron Cohen The Showtime series saw the comic demonstrate a so-called “pedophile detector” which beeped when it approached Mr. Moore.

On Tuesday, Judge John Cronan said Mr. Moore had signed a clear disclosure agreement barring any legal claims regarding the appearance.

Roy Moore was “interviewed” by Cohen’s character Colonel Erran Morad in Who Is America? Photo: YouTube
Colonel Erran Morad was one of Baron Cohen’s creations for the show. Photo: Show time

He added that the absurd segment was “clearly a joke” and that no viewer would think the comedian was making factual allegations against Mr. Moore.

The segment aired after Mr. Moore was charged with misconduct that he engaged in sexual and romantic relationships with teenagers as a male in his thirties. He denied the allegations.

Mr. Moore, a Republican sometimes known as the Ten Commandments judge known for his tough stances opposing same-sex marriage and supporting public display of the Ten Commandments, was charged during his 2017 race for the United States Senate.

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The charges contributed to his loss to Democrat Doug Jones, the first Democrat to represent Alabama in the Senate in a quarter of a century.

Mr. Moore lost the 2017 race for the US Senate. Photo: AP

Prior to the interview, Mr. Moore was told he was receiving an award for his support of Israel.

But in the segment, Baron Cohen emerged as a bogus counterterrorism instructor, Colonel Erran Morad, discussing bogus military technology, including a supposed “pedophile detector.” In the segment, the device beeped several times as it approached Mr. Moore, who was seated with a stone face.

The judge noted the absurdity of the interview in dismissing Mr. Moore’s lawsuit, which claimed $ 95 million in damages.

Donald Trump is not a fan of the British comic Sacha Baron Cohen.  Photo: Borat 2 / Amazon Prime Video
Baron Cohen is best known for his portrayal of the character of Borat. Photo: Borat 2 / Amazon Prime Video

“In light of the context of Judge Moore’s interview, the segment was clearly a joke and no reasonable viewer would have seen it otherwise,” the judge wrote.

Court records show that Mr. Moore and his wife, who was also a plaintiff in the lawsuit, are appealing.

“Of course we will appeal – this court used words like ‘tricked’ and ‘joke’ to describe Baron Cohen’s behavior, but still won’t do anything to curb his fraudulent misconduct,” Mr.

Baron Cohen has for years lured politicians into awkward interviews.

He has been the subject of legal proceedings in the past for similar pranks, but these were dismissed because the individuals had signed waivers.

Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani’s unwitting cameo in Borat: The Later Film made headlines last year.

Rudy Giuliani has been suspended from his practice of law
Former NYC Mayor Rudy Giuliani’s unwitting cameo in Borat: The later film made headlines in 2020

The 76-year-old was unknowingly filmed in a New York City hotel room with actress Maria Bakalova, who had passed himself off as a journalist, after having tricked him into returning with her.

He was seen lying on a bed with his hands in his pants.

Mr. Giuliani insisted that nothing inappropriate had happened.

He then described the video as a “complete fabrication” in a tweet, adding, “I was tucking my shirt in after taking off the recording equipment.

“At no time before, during or after the interview was I inappropriate. If Sacha Baron Cohen suggests otherwise, he is a cold liar. ”


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