Ryan Adams is not doing well – .

Ryan Adams is not doing well – .

Ryan Adams is not doing well in the wake of a 2019 New York Times story that introduced the singer as an obnoxious and emotionally singing creep, who used his position to manipulate women into sex and retaliated against them when they rejected him. His ex-wife, Mandy Moore, also appeared in the play (only after Adams talked to her about shit for years), as did Phoebe Bridgers, and the story also revealed that Adams was in a sexting relationship. with an underage girl.

Now Adams is asking his fans to have mercy on him, complaining on social media (in now deleted posts via Variety) that no label will release his music and, “I’m 46 and scared. and I’m going to live in my sister’s basement. Will his sister host him?

“I know I got damaged products,” he wrote in the deleted posts, “and they’re not the ideal thing, but I’ve had an interested label for months and they’ve wasted my time… I just really want a second chance to do some music – maybe help other people believe that you can get out of the gutter and be something.

Adams deleted the post because he thought Variety (and others on social media) shamed him, so he took to Instagram to push others away for attacking him because he was ” too real ”after the departure of his publicist (he still had a publicist?). He attributed his sexual misconduct to mental health and – although he had a publicist until early this week and a couch in his sister’s basement to sleep in if needed – complained that they weren’t had offered him no path to redemption.

Poor Ryan.

Looks like he has a lot of nice amenities in his house. He might want to sell some of it and buy a nice sofa for his sister’s basement.

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