Russian airliner crashes, killing all 28 on board – .

Russian airliner crashes, killing all 28 on board – .

The wreckage of a missing turboprop aircraft has been found in the far eastern Russian peninsula of Kamchatka.
The Antonov-26 plane, which apparently crashed on a rocky mountainside on Tuesday morning, was carrying 28 people including 6 crew members. None would have survived.

According to information released by Russian state media, the debris was found 4 km (2.5 m) from the plane’s destination, the village of Palana in the north of the remote peninsula. The Russian-made twin-engine plane was scheduled to land just before 1 p.m. local time, but lost contact with air traffic control shortly before the final approach.

Olga Mokhireva, head of the local government in Palana, was on board the flight, Kamchatka government spokespersons said.

An investigation into the incident was launched and several ships were en route to the crash site, RIA said citing emergency services.

The plane was owned by a company called Kamchatka Aviation Enterprise. Two helicopters and a plane were deployed to trace the route of the missing plane.

AFP quoted Valentina Glazova, spokesperson for the local transport prosecutor’s office, as saying: “All we know at the moment, what has been possible to establish, is that the communication with the aircraft was interrupted and it did not land ”.

Air traffic control lost contact with the aircraft approximately 10 kilometers (6 miles) from Palana airport.

The plane has been in service since 1982, but Kamchatka Aviation Enterprise director Alexei Khabarov told Interfax news agency it was technically sound.

(With additional reports from agencies)


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