Russia faces wave of virus cases last month – .

Russia faces wave of virus cases last month – .

MOSCOW – Russia reported more than 25,000 new cases of coronavirus infection on Sunday, the highest number since January, as the country faces a sharp increase in the past month.

The National Coronavirus Task Force said 663 patients have died, up from 697 the day before, which was a record.

The tally of 25,142 new cases was more than 2.5 times higher than the daily new infections in early June. Moscow, St. Petersburg and the region surrounding Moscow accounted for about half of the total number of cases nationwide.

Although the Kremlin says authorities are not discussing a lockdown, Moscow has imposed restrictions, including requiring patrons of restaurants and bars to present a code certifying that they have been vaccinated or have received a negative PCR test.

Throughout the pandemic, Russia recorded 5.61 million infections and 137,925 deaths.



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JAKARTA, Indonesia – Indonesia demands that foreign visitors be fully vaccinated as one of the entry requirements as the country tries to curb the spread of COVID-19.

Ganip Warsito, the national task force for the COVID-19 Mitigation Chief, said on Sunday that from July 6, foreigners and Indonesian nationals entering the country must show digital or physical evidence that they were fully vaccinated.

The obligation to present vaccination records may be excluded in certain cases, in particular for diplomatic and service visas, and during official visits at ministerial level.

The government is also extending the quarantine period for foreign travelers from five days to eight days.

Indonesia has recorded 27,233 new cases of COVID-19 and 555 deaths from the virus in the past 24 hours. That brings the total to 2,284,084 cases and 60,582 deaths on Sunday.


COLOMBO, Sri Lanka – Sri Lanka’s health ministry on Sunday authorized the reopening of restaurants, hotels and indoor sports centers that had remained closed for several weeks due to an upsurge in COVID-19 cases.

Gyms, salons and barber shops are also allowed to reopen in accordance with new guidelines released on Sunday.

But places of worship, cinemas, casinos and nightclubs will continue to be closed.

However, the health ministry said the relaxed restrictions will be reviewed after two weeks.

The easing of some of the coronavirus restrictions came a week after Sri Lanka emerged from a month-long lockdown.

Sri Lanka has seen a sharp increase in positive cases and deaths since April. The increases were attributed to celebrations and shopping by people during the traditional New Year’s festival.

The total number of positive cases in Sri Lanka reached 264,057 with 3,191 confirmed deaths.


WASHINGTON – America’s leading infectious disease expert says about 99.2% of recent deaths from COVID-19 in the United States involved unvaccinated people. And Dr Anthony Fauci says “It’s really sad and tragic that most of them are preventable and preventable. “

He tells NBC’s “Meet the Press” it’s frustrating “where you have a formidable enemy” in the coronavirus and “yet we have a countermeasure that is very, very effective.” And this is the reason why it is all the more sad and tragic that it is not fully implemented in this country.

Fauci cites the reasons for opposition to the vaccine by some Americans, whether it is “ideological” or some “is simply fundamentally anti-vax or anti-science.”

He says the country “has the tools to counter” the pandemic and he calls on people to “put all these differences aside and realize that the common enemy is the virus.”

Fauci notes that the United States is “very lucky” to have “enough vaccines to immunize virtually everyone in the country.” And there are people in the world who would do anything to get the vaccine. “

The United States has recorded more than 605,000 deaths in the pandemic, the highest national death toll in the world.


WINDOW ROCK, Arizona – The Navajo Nation reported five more cases of COVID-19 and two more deaths on Saturday.

A statement released by tribal officials said the additional deaths increased the tribe’s pandemic death toll to 1,356.

The statement did not provide an updated tally of the total number of cases among residents of the vast reservation that includes parts of Arizona, New Mexico and Utah. Tribal officials did not immediately respond to a question, but a statement released by the tribe on Friday said the number of positive cases stood at 31,012.


OAKLAND, Calif .– A San Francisco Bay Area zoo is inoculating its big cats, bears and ferrets with the coronavirus. The vaccinations are part of a national effort to protect animal species using an experimental vaccine developed and donated by a New Jersey company.

Alex Herman, vice president of veterinary services at the zoo, said none of the animals had contracted the virus, but they wanted to be proactive. Tigers, black bears and grizzly bears, pumas and ferrets were the first to receive the first of the two doses. Next come the primates and pigs.

The San Diego Zoo began inoculating primates with the Zoetis vaccine in January after a COVID-19 outbreak among a herd of gorillas.

According to a press release, Zoetis is donating more than 11,000 doses for animals living in nearly 70 zoos, as well as more than a dozen conservatories, sanctuaries, academic institutions and government organizations located in 27 states.


KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia – Malaysia will ease the coronavirus lockdown in five states next week in a bid to allow its economy to reopen faster.

The country has been subject to a national lockdown since June 1, the second in more than a year that has severely damaged its economy.

The government initially said the lockdown would only be eased if daily infections fell below 4,000 and at least 10% of the Malaysian population had been vaccinated. But Finance Minister Zafrul Aziz said on Saturday that states can now slowly reopen if they meet certain criteria.

He said states will be assessed based on the average number of infections per 100,000 people over seven days, as well as their intensive care capacity and vaccination rate.

Defense Minister Ismail Sabri said restrictions would be relaxed on Monday in five states that met the target, with more businesses such as barbers, computer stores and bookstores allowed to reopen.


NEW DELHI – Indian company Bharat Biotech says its late stage testing of a COVID-19 vaccine has shown an overall efficacy of 77.8% and efficacy against all variants.

The company in a statement said it is currently in talks with the World Health Organization to obtain an emergency use list for its vaccine, marketed as COVAXIN.

The results put to rest questions raised by health experts about Bharat Biotech’s vaccine when it received emergency use clearance from the Indian government in January. They felt that the company did not have enough clinical trials, which made it nearly impossible for the company to analyze and submit data showing that its injections were effective.

The company says the vaccine has already received emergency use authorizations in 16 countries, including India, the Philippines, Iran and Mexico. Millions of Indians have also been vaccinated.

It says the advanced stage trial showed the vaccine to be 93.4% effective against severe symptomatic COVID-19 and showed 77.8% effectiveness against symptomatic COVID-19. The data also demonstrated 65.2% protection against the delta variant, first identified in India.


NICOSIA, Cyprus – Cyprus is offering a vacation allowance from mid-July to mid-August to anyone vaccinated and will limit access to football stadiums to those who have received their vaccines or tested negative 72 hours before a match to encourage young people to get vaccinated.

The Cypriot government on Friday evening announced a series of incentives designed to entice a significant part of the population that has not stepped up to get vaccinated. Authorities say about 70% of those under 40 have not received their vaccines.

Other incentives include counting the day that government and private sector workers choose to be vaccinated as an additional day off, and offering five-day honorary leave to military conscripts who choose to be vaccinated. to get vaccinated.

The government is also requiring patrons of bars and restaurants or anyone attending large gatherings such as weddings to either present a Safepass stating that they are fully vaccinated or have a negative test taken within 72 hours.


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