Rugby Europe launches the Emerging Nations Club Super Cup – .

Rugby Europe launches the Emerging Nations Club Super Cup – .

Toulouse (France) (AFP)

The governing body of European rugby announced on Wednesday a new competition for national teams from emerging countries from September.

The Rugby Europe Super Cup organized by Rugby Europe will consist of eight teams divided into two geographical groups.

Rugby Europe said it has had talks with the Professional Rugby Clubs of Europe (EPCR), which host the Champions Cup and the second tier Challenge Cup with teams from six of the continent’s main countries, about the new competition.

“We have kept the EPCR updated and informed about this initiative and I think they fully support but I will let them comment,” said Florent Marty, CEO of Rugby Europe.

“We will consider that there is a link between the EPCR competition and the European Rugby Super Cup, with the best team in the Super Cup potentially joining the Challenge Cup. This is something we are discussing with the EPCR, ”he added.

The four teams in the Eastern Conference are the Black Lion of Georgia, the Tel Aviv Heat of Israel as well as the Russian pair Enisey-STM and Lokomotiv Penza.

In the Western Conference are the Brussels Devils of Belgium, the Delta of the Netherlands, the Lusitanos of Portugal and the Iberians of Castile and Leon of Spain.

There is no club La Romaina, whose national team suffered a narrow loss to Argentina last weekend and have taken part in eight of the nine editions of the Rugby World Cup.

“Romania will be part of the competition in the next rounds,” said Marty.

“They just weren’t ready because there were a number of requirements to be met. We can say with confidence that we will see Romanian teams in the competition in the future, ”he added.


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