Rhea Ripley is now a babyface on WWE RAW – .

Rhea Ripley is now a babyface on WWE RAW – .

Former WWE RAW Women’s Champion Rhea Ripley is now considered a babyface in WWE. Ripley was most recently in a feud with Charlotte Flair and lost her title to the Queen at Money in the Bank.

Ripley was called to NXT’s main roster earlier this year, making his RAW debut in March. She won the RAW Women’s Title at WrestleMania 37 by beating Asuka. Ripley held the NXT UK Women’s Championship as well as the NXT Women’s Championship before switching to RAW.

According to PWInsider, WWE backstage officials now see Rhea Ripley as a babyface. The move is said to have taken place in recent weeks.

“Going forward, Rhea Ripley is seen as a babyface. This has been happening quietly over the past few weeks, but we’re told it’s been made clear internally that in the future she is now 100% a babyface. Ripley was first brought in as a heel. ”

Ripley was a heel when he arrived on RAW in March. She competed with Asuka and Charlotte Flair on Mark Red, but could move on to a new feud following her loss to Flair.

Rhea Ripley on if she’d rather be a heel or a babyface in WWE

In an interview earlier this year, Rhea Ripley said that she wanted her character to be “mean” and that she felt comfortable doing it in WWE.

“I feel more comfortable going out and kicking my butt. So pretty much being the mean part of myself. I feel much more comfortable doing it. Whether people love me or hate me. For some reason when I was doing the same thing in NXT UK people loved me so I tried to be the bad guy as much as possible. But people still loved me for some reason and that’s why I ended up turning around, ”Ripley said.

She also stated that she had gotten “sweet” and people were taking advantage of her in the ring, so she decided to go back to her old character to take everyone out.

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