Report reveals two factors preventing Liverpool from signing £ 35million star – .

Report reveals two factors preventing Liverpool from signing £ 35million star – .

There are two factors in the way Liverpool signed Borussia Mönchengladbach midfielder Florian Neuhaus, according to reports.
Neuhaus is a long-term target for Liverpool as Jurgen Klopp is an admirer of him.

The midfielder has made a deep impression on Mönchengladbach over the past three seasons.

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Bundesliga team valuate him at around £ 35million. Two factors prevent Liverpool from signing Neuhaus this summer, according to German media Sport 1.

One reason is said to be that the Reds cannot afford the £ 35million fee given they have already spent to sign Ibrahima Konate.

The second factor is that before Klopp is able to bring in anyone else, he has to sell marginal players to rationalize his team.

Elsewhere, Rio Ferdinand believes Liverpool should take a step for Jack Grealish:

“I would like him to join Manchester United, obviously. But I just feel the position he’s playing is stacked.

« Bruno [Fernandes] in a ten, [Marcus] Rashford is on the left, [Anthony] Martial is there, [Paul] Pogba is there. That sort of rules out Manchester United unless they say ‘No we’re going to move a player or two to get him’. This is the big decision they have to make.

“There aren’t many mind-blowing footballers left who produce mind-blowing moments and make you go, ‘wow that was crazy’. Jack Grealish does this. He’s just a phenomenal player.

“If he goes somewhere I think it will be Man City. He would join this team.

“Jack Grealish is motivated, he’s been loyal, the fact that he stayed at Villa last season is enough to get him out of the stadium. He paid his dues and did great things, helped them get back on their feet and kept them in the Premier League.

“Does he improve all the Premier League teams?” Yes, he does, end of discussion. It improves each team.

” If I am Liverpool, I will go get him. If I’m Man City, I’ll take him. Because it improves them. He improves Chelsea, 100%. Whoever has the money to pay it, do it.

“If Liverpool bought him it would be love at first sight. He improves them and then it’s like “wow”.


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