Released child killer Colin Pitchfork dodges sex offender registry, considers name change – .

Released child killer Colin Pitchfork dodges sex offender registry, considers name change – .

Schoolgirl killer Colin Pitchfork will dodge the sex offender registry upon release from prison – and consider changing his name.
The monster will experience total freedom for the first time in 33 years when he leaves HMP Leyhill in Gloucestershire, possibly as early as Sunday.

But the demon, 61, who raped and killed Lynda Mann and Dawn Ashworth, 15, in 1983 and 1986, dodged the sex offender list because of a legal loophole.

Evil Pitchfork has used David Thorpe’s name for several years, but plans to further mask his true identity and sick past by getting another name change.

He has every right to swap his identity again by act of voting – and that would only cost him £ 33.

Colin Pitchfork visits Bristol on his release day

Dawn’s mother Barbara, 75, said tonight: “Words fail me. A psychopath like him shouldn’t be allowed to change his name.

“He will be able to walk around the pub like a new man, with a new identity.

“It’s absolutely shocking that he can do it legally. People need to know who he is and what he has done.

“He’s a very dangerous man – he shouldn’t be on the streets at all. He shouldn’t be able to hide who he is.

Dawn’s parents, Robin and Barbara Ashworth

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Pitchfork, the world’s first killer to be trapped using DNA evidence, will be released unsupervised on the sex offender registry.

Due to a legal vacuum, strict surveillance conditions cannot be imposed on anyone convicted of sex crimes before 1997.

Anyone entered in the register must inform the police of any change in their personal situation, including a change of name.

Lynda Mann’s parents, Kath Eastwood and her husband Eddie

The government, which opposed a parole board decision to release him, said Pitchfork would still be on tough conditions.

But former Labor Home Secretary Lord David Blunkett said tonight: ‘I was deeply disappointed that the Parole Board did not overturn its earlier decision to release Pitchfork, given the heinous nature of the crimes he committed.

“The least we can now wait to gain the public’s trust and make his safety the main priority of his release is to put him on the register with all the checks and restrictions that entails. “

Former Minister David Blunkett
Former minister David Blunkett is against this decision

Barbara, who lives in Liskeard, Cornwall, added: “It’s shocking he’s not on the register. I assumed he would have been.

“I am convinced that he will do everything possible to be surrounded by children.

“He was denied this opportunity while he was locked up.

“But that will change when he walks the streets again. He’s so arrogant – a psychopath who thinks he’s above everything.

Dawn Ashworth was the next 15-year-old to die
Dawn Ashworth was the next 15-year-old to die

“The public must be protected from it and all safeguards must be in place. “

Pitchfork raped and strangled Lynda in Narborough, Leics, and did the same with Dawn three years later in the nearby town of Enderby.

The predator, who has been allowed out at large for at least four years and was pictured in Bristol in 2017, is set to regain full freedom after the government fails to overturn the Parole Board’s decision.

Lynda Mann was the first girl targeted by the monster
Lynda Mann was the first girl targeted by the monster

He will have to wear a tag upon release, live at a specific address, and pass a lie detector test.

But his name will not appear among the 65,000 sex offenders on the registry.

Conservative peer Lord Porter called on the Justice Department to consider filling the void in the House of Lords this month.

He told The Sunday People: “You can’t have too many guarantees with criminals like Colin Pitchfork.

Lord Porter fights the loophole
Lord Porter fights the loophole

“The only reason he’s not on the register is a timing issue.

“His offenses are more than sufficient to justify his inclusion on the list and the public has a right to know who is on the list.

“Anything that can be done must be done. These are straps, suspenders, and a little ball twine.

Former Tory leader Michael Howard, who created the sex offender registry when he was Home Secretary, said it would be very difficult in law to add Pitchfork in retrospect.

Former Tory Leader Michael Howard is also against
Former Tory Leader Michael Howard is also against

But he said: “I have all the sympathy for the families of the victims. I agree with the Minister of Justice that he should never have been granted parole. “

Gail McDade, 42, started a petition to end the loophole after learning that the man who killed her childhood friend would also avoid being on the registry.

She said: “We knew that there would be other perpetrators of horrific crimes, who would be released from prison in the next few years and would not be subject to the terms of the registry.

“I am devastated that this is happening again so quickly. “

Father-of-two Pitchfork, a doomed flasher, left his baby asleep in a car before killing Lynda, who was walking home along a dimly lit path.

He raped and murdered her simply because “she was there,” he later admitted to police.

Dawn’s body was found in the woods less than a mile away after a brutal sexual assault.

Pitchfork was convicted by DNA evidence after mass screening of nearly 5,000 men living near crime scenes. Pitchfork, who was married, was given a minimum sentence of 30 years, reduced to 28 years in 2009. He was deemed safe for release by the Parole Board in March.

Justice Secretary Robert Buckland called the move irrational, but officials dismissed an appeal of last resort. Brian Escott-Cox, QC, who pursued the case, said tougher sentencing laws today would have kept Pitchfork in prison for life.

In last month’s Sunday People, Mr Escott-Cox, 89, said: “Knowing the case as well as I do, I feel uncomfortable about his release. He’s a psychopath – there’s no known cure.

“One thing he said constantly when he was first arrested in 1987 was, ‘I’m not an educated man, I can’t believe how easy it is to cheat on these people. All you have to do is tell them what they want to hear ”.

The Justice Department, which fought its parole, said Pitchfork would remain under close surveillance for life.

A spokesperson said: “Colin Pitchfork will be licensed for life and subject to much stricter monitoring and conditions than the sex offender registry.

“If he breaks these rules, he risks being sent back to prison. “

Gail’s fight to end the loophole

Killer Adam Stein
Killer Adam Stein

Six-year-old Collettte Gallagher
Six-year-old Collettte Gallagher

Horrified, Gail McDade started a petition to end the sex registry loophole after learning that the man who killed her childhood friend would also avoid being on the registry.

Adam Stein, now 61, kidnapped, raped and suffocated six-year-old Collette Gallacher in 1986 in Corby, Northants. Stein, pictured below before his arrest, was released from prison in March and tried to cover up his identity by legally changing his name.

Gail, 42, said: “I am devastated that this has happened again so quickly and that Colin Pitchfork is now released and not on the registry.

“How many more serious sex offenders have been released since 1997 and have not been entered on the registry?” It makes me shudder to think.

In a separate move, activists want to ban offenders on the registry from changing identities with a Della law, named after child rape victim Della Wright.

Della, 47, learned that the man who raped her when she was six had changed her name five times.

We revealed in January that Terry Price, now named Mr. Mac, was one of at least 1,348 sex animals to have changed names.

Sixteen police forces declared that 913 evildoers were missing.

It is feared that many may have changed their names without notifying the authorities.


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