Reds 2, Cubs 1 – .

Cubs 7, Nationals 3 – fr

That makes seven consecutive defeats. The fainting stretches through July, apparently. The Cubs now have 7.5 games back.

Of course, Nick Castellanos and Joey Votto get the back-to-back hits that bring the Reds back in this one to give them the lead over the Cubs. The guy who should never have escaped and the face of the Reds. Good for them, I guess, but it’s kind of a head shaking disappointment. Again.

To be fair, it’s hard to pin anything on Alec Mills tonight, or even necessarily Adam Morgan, who gave the blow to Votto. Sometimes it happens. Mills was very efficient, accepting the generous strike zone given to him and using it to really punish the Reds hitters in the nooks and corners. This double stitching was really running tonight, and it was actually a joy to watch. Quite a change from his appearance in Los Angeles. Dan Winkler and Andrew Chafin did what they usually do from there.

It wasn’t important. Jason Heyward led Kris Bryant with a brace, and that was it for the offense tonight.

He’s far from the only guy in trouble, but he stands out: Javy Báez isn’t just lost in a usual way right now – it’s something that looks a little different. Seems like so much guesswork up there. He’s been on strike three more times in the past two weeks than he has for the rest of the season, or it looks like he has. It’s like he’s become so convinced that he won’t see a ball in the zone when there are two strikes that he thinks he should just take at that point, no matter what. It’s not just about taking the third strike. It looks really off (even the hike in walks). We know he can get rid of it quickly, so hopefully it’s around the corner or something. It’s hard to watch.

In the meantime, the crime continues to sink …

Full score out of the box.


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