RCMP order boaters to move away from north end of Kal Lake so skimmers can work, Uplands neighborhood remains on alert – Vernon News – .

RCMP order boaters to move away from north end of Kal Lake so skimmers can work, Uplands neighborhood remains on alert – Vernon News – .

UPDATE: 5:30 p.m.

Fire activity appears to be significantly reduced on the Becker Lake Forest Fire after skimmer planes hit the fire hard on Sunday afternoon.

There is much less smoke from the blaze, but homes in the Uplands neighborhood remain on evacuation alert as the winds blow in that direction.

See the 2:20 p.m. update for the list of addresses concerned.

UPDATE: 4:30 p.m.

Fire activity resumed Sunday afternoon on the southern flank of the Becker Lake wildfire.

BC Wildfire Service skimmers hit the fire hard as the winds shifted Sunday, pushing the fire towards a major power line serving the Vernon area and homes in the Uplands neighborhood, which have been placed on evacuation alert.

The winds are still relatively light at this time, but often pick up in the evening.

The houses at the bottom right of the photo below are those on alert. You can see the power line coming down the mountain to their left.

The main activity of Saturday’s blaze was to the left of the frame, showing how far the flames have advanced.

UPDATE: 3:10 p.m.

Vernon RCMP have ordered all boaters to stay clear of the north end of Kalamalka Lake as skimmers use the lake to collect water on Sunday afternoon.

In a brief statement released on Sunday, Const. Chris Terleski of the Vernon RCMP said police, search and rescue and the BC Conservation Officer Service will patrol the north end of Kalamalka Lake on Sunday afternoon to ensure boaters comply.

“Anyone who interferes with forest firefighting operations risks a heavy fine or even jail time,” Const said. said Terleski.

Earlier Sunday, the BC Wildfire Service said Kal Lake boaters interfered with the skimmers that dropped water on the Becker Lake wildfire.

A number of homes near the Becker Lake fire were also placed on evacuation alert Sunday afternoon.

UPDATE: 2:20 p.m.

An evacuation alert was issued for properties in the vicinity of the Becker Lake wildfire on Sunday afternoon.

The District of Coldstream and the Regional District of North Okanagan issued the evacuation alert at 2 p.m. An alert means area residents should be ready to go at all times.

Homes on the following roads fall under the new alert:

  • Ravin Dr.
  • Ranchland Pl.
  • Cypress Dr.
  • Dr Ridgemont
  • Dr Rockland
  • Upland Dr.
  • Upper Crestview
  • Place Fairmont
  • Dr Crestview
  • Jeffrey Dr.
  • Dr.
  • Auburn Ct.
  • Hymar Pl.
  • North side, Buchanan Road. (8600blk- 9800blk)
  • Pl. Midland
  • Nickle Road.
  • Uplands.
  • Robin Road
  • Galiano (715-1294)
  • Boss Ck Rd. (From 3965)
  • French Way
  • Chemin Greenwood
  • South side, Hartnell Road.
  • Kingsview Road
  • Lynx Dr.

Trevor Seibel, director of the Coldstream Emergency Operations Center, said the alert followed a recommendation from BC Wildfire and was a “precautionary measure”.

Taylor MacDonald, of the BC Wildfire Service, said the alert was a “warning so people be prepared”, but she could not say if there had been an increase in wildfire activity during the event. the Becker Lake fire on Sunday.

UPDATE: 1:55 p.m.

Six water skimmers hit the Becker Lake wildfire east of Vernon on Sunday afternoon, but boaters on Kalamalka Lake are causing problems for pilots.

In addition to the 40 firefighters working on the 35-hectare blaze on Sunday, the team of six planes is providing support to help with the extinguishing efforts.

Fire Information Officer Aydan Coray said she didn’t think fire activity increased throughout the day on Sunday, but protein skimmers arrived to lend a hand.

They collect water from nearby Kalamalka Lake, but in a social media post, the BC Wildfire Service says boaters interfere with planes.

“It is dangerous to both the people on board the boat and our staff, and interferes with critical firefighting operations,” BCWS said. “Please stay away from active forest fire sites, whether on the ground, in the air or on the water. “

“Just a reminder to the public to stay out of our waterways when we have a team of skimmers there, give them enough space to work,” Coray said.

UPDATE: 9:50 a.m.

While the Becker Lake wildfire did not increase much overnight, the BC Wildfire Service now estimates it to be around 35 hectares after teams were able to “get a better look at the area. situation”.

While the blaze, which is burning east of Vernon, appears to be burning much more moderately on Sunday, the blaze is still classified as out of control by the BC Wildfire Service.

About 20 firefighters remained near the blaze overnight, with a total of 40 expected to fight the blaze on Sunday. While the tankers will hit the fire hard on Saturday, they will only be used when necessary on Sunday, while four helicopters will bombard it. A number of pieces of heavy machinery will also be used to build guards around the fire.

On Saturday, all air support on the blaze was cut off for two hours after a drone was spotted near the blaze.

“It was a little later in the evening which is frustrating for our crews as we have to be back on the ground before dark,” said Aydan Coray. “So every time we’re stuck on the ground at night, it’s a very precious time that we’re wasting. It is really frustrating.

“Drones are extremely dangerous and inhibit our ability to do our jobs. “


The Becker Lake wildfire on Vernon Mountain overlooking the city looks very subdued Sunday morning after fire crews hit it hard on Saturday.

BC Wildfire Service crews monitored the blaze overnight, which reached an area of ​​10 hectares.

Air support continued to drop the retarder and water until late in the evening, until the last day.

The fire started around 1 p.m. and is highly visible to the whole city.

Air support was withdrawn for two hours in the early evening after a drone was spotted flying in the area.

Doing so is a felony, and anyone caught using a drone that interferes with fire control could be fined up to $ 100,000, or jailed for up to one year. , or both.

The winds were relatively calm overnight, which helped slow the growth of the fire.


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