Ranking of the first round of each team – The Athletic – .

Ranking of the first round of each team – The Athletic – .

Only 289 days after we drafted the books, here we are for another.After an unconventional season spent researching these players primarily through video, learning about them primarily through phone calls and text exchanges with sources. , hundreds of views and conversations, and tens of thousands of words, my 2021 Draft coverage ends this weekend with my evaluations of all 32 (it’s new!) Team Draft classes and probably almost (almost) !) of all 224 players who will be chosen.

It starts with this breakdown of Friday’s 31 picks, offering a first-round pick analysis.

This analysis does not assess any of the trades, nor the teams that did not choose. Instead, it will rank each of the teams that chose based solely on their picks against my pick board, taking into account factors such as organizational fit, available players, and the expected lineup from each prospect.

Nor is it an assessment of the total value that teams got out of their picks, but rather the relative value they got out of where they picked. As such, teams with higher picks, or multiple picks in the first round, are not guaranteed favorable ratings.

As always at The Athletic, the leaderboard will also be ranked in the following levels:

Winners: I believe the teams won over their competition with detective and home run level selections over where they chose.

Overtime Winners: I think the teams did well with where they were ranked, although they might not have picked the exact player (s) I would have.

Losers in overtime: I think the teams could have done better but could, over time, be satisfied with their choice anyway.

Losers: I think teams will regret choosing the player (s) they chose.


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