RAF could revive Cold War tactics to thwart new Russian missile threat – .

RAF could revive Cold War tactics to thwart new Russian missile threat – .

The Royal Air Force must restore a Cold War training exercise amid the threat of Russian cruise missiles, the service chief said.

Air Chief Marshal Sir Mike Wigston has said he wants the RAF to relearn skills not practiced for 30 years and that a series of ‘no-notice’ dispersal exercises called Exercise Agile Stance will be carried out. .

The exercises will see fighter jets being ordered to disperse, meaning they will leave their bases to land at civilian airfields or even highways. If the jets are spread out, targeting enemies is “more difficult,” ACM Wigston said.

Speaking to The Telegraph in Hawaii where he was visiting Pearl Harbor with the Chief of the U.S. Pacific Fleet, ACM Wigston said RAF fixed bases would be as vulnerable to a surprise attack in any future conflict as U.S. forces would be. had been when the Japanese struck in December 1941.

“We will relearn how to disperse,” he said, adding that if “the arsenal [of advanced cruise missiles] Putin bragged about it ”was moved to the Russian enclave of Kaliningrad“ we would be within range ”.

ACM Wigston said Russia’s “trajectory” over the past 15 years requires military leaders to be innovative in the face of a growing threat.

“I’m not interested in paving Lincolnshire again,” he said, “and there will be the challenge of having armed planes at civilian airfields.

“But instead of two bases, if all my Typhoons were on 12 bases, it’s a harder target.

“We should take this as a national challenge and look at the wealth of airstrips we have in the UK.

“It sounds a bit like the Cold War, but we urgently need to remind ourselves how to do it. “

Video: RAF Typhoons intercept 10 Russian planes (August 2015)


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