Quadra Island’s only gas station closes temporarily due to lack of employees – .

Quadra Island’s only gas station closes temporarily due to lack of employees – .

When Mark James arrived at the only gas station on Quadra Island today, he was in shock: the store was closed and the pumps turned off for lack of employees.

“I’m almost out of gas and have to go to work tomorrow, so what should I do?” Jacques asked.

The Gas n Go station was already operating in reduced hours before the station closed yesterday afternoon. Signs on pumps and doors accuse “terrible ownership and management.”

“No gas [and] tourists arrive. I posted an article on the Campbell River page to let people who come here know they have to buy gas before they come because of the RVs and boats. They come here to get gas because they are happy to take a ferry, ”said Brenda Binnersley, a resident of Quadra Island.

“It makes it more difficult for small businesses or anyone, tourists, etc. Said John Clark, owner of a painting and decorating business.

Quadra Island’s regional manager says running the island’s only gas station is an essential service with police, firefighters and ambulances among those dependent on it.

“I have to go to Campbell River to get gas. Well add $ 25 to your tank fill because you have to pay for a ferry to get home, ”said Jim Abram, regional director for the Strathcona regional district.

Abram says if the owner can’t keep the gas station open for suitable hours, he would love to see it sold to someone who can.

The former longtime manager of the station left a few months ago.

“I had to make this decision to put myself and my family first. It took 10 solid years, the best reflection of myself I could give, but I had to make the decision to step aside and put my energy where it counted, ”said Keri Smith.

But the station owner says the pumps are closed because he can’t find people to work there.

Wayne Proctor says he was already actively seeking more employees when one of them stepped down today without notice. He says he realizes how important it is to keep the resort open and in the summer the business is the most profitable.

He says someone will be opening it tomorrow and beyond and he’s one of many business owners trying to find enough staff.

Proctor says the company has a long track record of being a good employer.

Mark James says he’s not sure if he’ll get to work tomorrow without going to Campbell River for gas.

“It leaves a lot of people in a tough spot, I would say,” he said.

The owner says the station will be open tomorrow between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. and that he has multiple openings from $ 16.50 an hour up to $ 20 for a station manager.

Vancouver Island restaurants have also cut their hours due to a lack of employees.

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