Quadra Island gas station loses one worker, shuts down – and nearest pump is at a ferry – Goldstream News Gazette – .

Quadra Island gas station loses one worker, shuts down – and nearest pump is at a ferry – Goldstream News Gazette – .

Residents of Quadra Island and visitors looking to refuel this week had to take a ferry to do so.

The island’s only gas station, a Gas N Go on Heriot Bay Road, closed and turned off its pumps after the lone employee called it Wednesday morning.

The island is home to around 2,700 people and receives many tourists during the summer months, so many people have been baffled by the closure.

Max Marsh has been working at the station for a little over two months. During this time, he saw three colleagues leaving for other jobs.

After the last outing, Marsh found himself alone managing the cash for the past two weeks and did not feel he had received adequate support to keep the vital service open.

“This is the busiest time of the year, and normally there are supposed to be at least two to three employees there,” he said.

If it had been any other time of year, Marsh claimed he could quite easily run the store on his own.

“But since it’s midsummer, it was bad,” he said. “Constantly busy, people have to wait, a lot of complaints and a lot of angry people. “

Marsh said he sent “countless” emails to management asking for help, but never received a response.

Hours at the gas station were shifted from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. and 7 a.m. to 2 p.m., but the daily grind caught up with Marsh.

After catching a “bad cold” on Wednesday morning, he said he tried to contact management again and they didn’t call him back, he decided to resign.

“I closed the store, threw my key in the letter slot and I was done,” he said.

Members of the Facebook group, Quadra Island Corkboard, were calling for the return of Keri Smith, a 20-year-old manager, who left her post at Gas N Go in May.

She said there are a number of reasons employees leave.

“It could be a lack of assistance, a lack of leadership and poor working conditions,” she said. “For me, it just got to a point where, for myself and my family, I had to make the decision to put myself first, not the needs of the business. “

The gas station and general store are owned by Wayne Procter, who owns 24 gas stations on Vancouver Island.

A spokesperson for Omni Foods, which operates the stations, said the Quadra Island Gas N Go will be open on Friday morning.

No further comments have been provided at the time of publication.

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